Monthly Archives: March 2004

For Developers: How to Get Crash Reports on Win9x/2000

My article on XP’s Windows Error Reporting system for O’Reilly’s was targeted towards end-users, so a developer section on how to get crash reports on non-XP systems didn’t really fit. Still, it’s interesting for developers, so here is the section that was cut. For background, please refer to the published article.

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How to Install Movable Type

This article was originally posted in a MovableType 2.661 blog – now imported into WordPress, which is much easier to use.

The Web Log you are now reading was created with a server-based publishing system called Movable Type. Installing server-based software isn’t difficult, but it requires many more manual steps than installing a program on your local computer. Before you can run an installation script, you must first put the files in the correct places on the server, set the correct permissions, manually create any necessary databases, and correctly specify configuration parameters.

This is not hard to do if the software comes with precise, complete, and clearly written instructions. But unfortunately, the Movable Type installation docs are not as good as the software itself. So my first blog entry is a tutorial on how to install Movable Type, focusing on the parts that were unclear to me when I was doing it.

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