Sheryl Canter

Another Installation Already in Progress (But it’s Not)

I keep encountering an annoying error message as I try to set up my new 64-bit Vista laptop. Often when I try to install a program, I’m told that another installation is already in progress and I must complete that one first. But no other installation is in progress, and simply rebooting doesn’t help.

I googled this problem, and found some complicated advice about failed installations and the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. But I find that this error occurs when a program installs just fine in every respect except that it leaves the Windows Installer Service running.

There’s a easy way to fix this.

Right-click on the Computer icon, wherever it exists on your system, and select Manage. (I’m using the Classic Start menu, so the Computer icon is on my desktop. If you’re using the new Start menu, the icon is in the Start menu.) This opens the Computer Management utility.

Windows Installer Service

Select Services, right click on Windows Installer in the list and select Properties. If you’re having the problem, the Windows Installer service is started, and the Stop button is disabled. Simply rebooting doesn’t stop the service. Here’s how you stop it.

In the Properties dialog, change Startup type to “Disabled”, click OK, and reboot your computer. This stops the service. After your computer reboots, again open Computer Management (right-click on Computer and select Manage), open Windows Installer Properties, and change the Startup type back to Manual. Now you’re good to go and can start a new installation.

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  1. david:

    thank you! it worked!

  2. Vigan:

    Doesn’t work. When it’s enabled back, the installer is again activated by another background installation. I also tried deleting the keys from the registry, and after every restart, it is pointing to another file. I’m stuck

  3. Sheryl Canter:

    I’ve used this technique many times, so if it didn’t work for you, then I suspect you didn’t do exactly what I described.

    Disable Windows Installer. Reboot. Go back into Windows Services and set Windows Installer to manual (from disabled). Run your installation.

    If you have deleted keys from the registry, then you may have done all kinds of damage – I can’t help you with that.

  4. Babu:

    I had this problem in my laptop. I had been struggling with this problem for the last 2 months.
    Finally I used the Windows Installer Cleanup utilty and it worked for me. You need to unzip this utility and start it since you will not be able to install this.

  5. Sheryl Canter:

    It’s not necessary to use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, as I explained in my post. It can be fixed much more easily.

  6. Denise:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I’ve been going nuts trying numerous things I’ve found on other web sites to fix this problem. Using your instructions – in less than ten minutes all was fine. This has been so frustrating – can’t thank you enough ! :)

  7. Sheryl Canter:

    I am very glad it helped you! :)

  8. Bryan Caplan:

    Thanks, Sheryl! You’re a genius.

  9. Karen:

    Brilliant! I’ve spent hours the last few days trying to find a solution to this – this is straight forward & it WORKS, thank you!

  10. Julie:

    Hi Sheryl,

    This worked really well! The only thing I’m worried about is the darn thing is going to try to install itself again when I restart the computer, and then I’ll have to use your technique again. Do you think that will happen?

    It was HP Photo and Imaging software that was trying to install every time I started up, and then froze, so I killed it.

  11. Sheryl Canter:

    Hi Julie,

    Your situation sounds like a buggy installation program, so you might need the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.

    - Sheryl

  12. Carl:

    This is totally amazing!

    Seriously, I spent at least 3 hours reading site after site, including MSDN,, and about 200 others, that insisted that tools called msizap, msicuu and msiinv had to be used to fix “another installation is in progress” when trying to install anything on my system!

    Then, almost at the point of formatting my entire system, I decided to search one more time on Google, oddly, leaving off the quotes, and I found your site… and on the first try… BINGO, it worked!

    Thank you SOOOOOO very much for such an awesomely simple fix! It’d be great, since this seems to be such a common problem, that this simple solution was better known!

  13. gaurav:


    I hve been tryin to install itunes for long now..

    it keeps saying that some other installation is in progress.
    i have tried almost everything to get thru this.. even your method..

    it just doesnt seem to work..

    please help

  14. Sheryl Canter:

    What I suggested really does work. Try it again, step by step, do every single thing I say in the post and it will work.

  15. David Stockford:

    This problem has got me to the point of throwing out Vista. Unable to install anything :-(
    Why could I not find this answer from MS?
    It is now fixed and works exactly as you say.

    A very BIG thankyou!!!

  16. Kaz:

    Apparently, this issue also inflicts Windows 7, both updated from Vista or a fresh install. I reported it to Microsoft via beta feedback, maybe it’ll get fixed!

  17. John:

    Sheryl, like Carl I spent a great deal of time trying to find a solution to this problem. Microsoft web site is worthless and other sites are trying to sell you the solution. Now I know why I switched to Linux (my primary systems) some years ago. Thany you very much for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

  18. Sheryl Canter:

    I’m very happy I can help. I know how much I appreciate it when people post solutions to problems like this, so I also share these things I learned the hard way.

    I’m planning to set up Linux on my old computer – just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m waffling on what flavor to go with.

  19. SU:

    IT WORKS…just as simple as that….
    Simple and Works = Best solution..

  20. FrankFranko:

    This solution does work but just to confirm what Vigan has said not 100% of the time.

    If the broken installation which is causing this error message to appear is able to get started again before you get your other installation/uninstallation running after setting the Windows Installer back to manual then it fails like Vigan says.

    What I did was kick off the uninstall I was having problems with and then I reset the Windows Installer to manual. That way it got its MSIEXEC process started before the rogue one and it worked fine after that.

    Before I did that thought it did exactly what Vigan said happened in his experience.

    So like I say not 100% fix with this solution but it does work if you are fast! :)

  21. Sheryl Canter:

    FrankFranko, I don’t think what you said is correct, or not exactly. What I described works the vast majority of the time because the vast majority of the time there isn’t a faulty installation that’s trying to restart or do something else bad. Usually the installation went just fine, but Vista doesn’t recognize it’s done. So there’s no timing issue, you don’t have to do it “fast” like you describe. I’ve stalled for a while because I didn’t feel like rebooting – no problem.

    I think there probably are a few rare circumstances when there really is an install program that’s faulty, but it’s never happened to me. One other person posted something that sounded like a true faulty install program.

  22. Vince:

    Thank very much Sheryl, your solution worked like a charm”.

  23. Ram Reddy:

    It was so annoying, I thought of abandoning Vista and going back to XP.
    A couple of days I searched and searched and finally found your site luckily. Your suggestion worked for me. You are wonderful. Many thanks.

  24. Francisco:

    Gracias totales Sheryl, you are my salvation, I was going crazy.

  25. Lynne Bussard:

    I see 2 different directions on this page.
    Sheryl Canter:
    I’ve used this technique many times, so if it didn’t work for you, then I suspect you didn’t do exactly what I described.

    Disable Windows Installer. Reboot. Go back into Windows Services and set Windows Installer to automatic (from disabled). Run your installation.

    If you have deleted keys from the registry, then you may have done all kinds of damage – I can’t help you with that.

    February 3, 2009, 9:09 pm
    After your computer reboots, again open Computer Management (right-click on Computer and select Manage), open Windows Installer Properties, and change the Startup type back to Manual. Now you’re good to go and can start a new installation.

    One says return back to manual and the other says back to automatic???
    Which one?
    Lynne Bussard

  26. Kevin:


    It should be set to Manual. The Windows Installer service is not an automatic process – rather Windows starts it when the service is needed. The Windows Installer Service should not be running unless there is a legitimate installation going on.

    However, the second restart is unneeded. You can set the service back to manual after the reboot and continue working normally from there. At that point the service is available, and installers can once again grab a mutex from it.

  27. Sheryl Canter:

    I’ll fix the typo in the comment. What it says in the article is correct – manual, not automatic.

    Kevin – what “second restart”? My article describes one restart.

  28. Charlie:

    Woo woo woo – It works

    Download problem solving for Google Earth lead me to your site. Following your guide the application finally downloaded and setup, first try.

    Secondary benefit, repeated failures loading AT&T DSL on an older PC, running Win XP pro finally achieved. Problem, unable to set up IE access directly to AT&T or any source.

    A workaround suggested by AT&T resulted in DSL operation through older IPS service. Following the GE success, service to with IE finally worked also, still need to resolve connection to AT&T.

    AT&T’s initial setup service is apparently unaware of the trap caused by the “Windows Installer Cleanup Utility”.

    Thanks C.

  29. Kee:

    Sheryl, Thanks so much. This solution worked great!

  30. elton:

    Thankyou, the installer disabled works

    Thanks a Millllllllllllll

  31. K.I:

    This Does WOrk, thank YOu

  32. Robert:

    Thank you Sheryl..

    All the people in the auditorium stands up and starts to clap hands (Y)

  33. João Sousa:

    Worked very well Sheryl.
    I will be following your site.
    My name is João an I am from Portugal.
    Thank you.

  34. Bill Crumpecker:

    Definitely Works. The first time I tried it, I didn’t follow the exact instructions and had to go back through it again. Thanks, for posting.

  35. kris:

    You absolute legend Sheryl, i spent days trying to find solutions, ive even formatted my laptop. This was the last website i was willing to look on, AND IT WORKED! Thanks ever so much

  36. nonnie:

    Thanx alot… worked like a charm! I have been suffering with this problem for months and have spent hours trying to get help on the Microsoft Support Website! I am still not sure what language that stuff is written in. After I followed your instructions, I was able to install everything even my itunes updates with no problem! I had to saved this site in my favorites! Thanx for putting this info out here for computer idiots like me. You saved me from pitching my laptop into the Ohio River!

  37. Ankit:

    Relieved after long long time – thanks very much.

  38. mr0no:

    simply right clicking on the service and clicking refresh worked for me

  39. Sheryl Canter:

    mr0no – could you explain that a little bit more? At what point are you clicking refresh? I don’t understand what you mean.

  40. Brian:

    What he means, Sheryl, is that where you’d normally click “properties” in the utilities menu, you click “refresh”.

  41. Michael:

    The method posted works fine. However, there is a slightly quicker method. to bring of the task menu. Find all instances of the application “msiexec.exe”. Hightlight and click button.

  42. Michael:

    Sorry. I forgot about some characters I used being Html codes:

    The method posted works fine. However, there is a slightly quicker method. Bring up the task list using CTRL ALT DELETE. Highlight each instance of the application msiexec.exe and click the END PROCESS button.

  43. Amy:

    THANK YOU! your directions were so clear and it solved my problem in 5 minutes. I’ve been struggling with this for weeks.

  44. Grayosn Peddie:

    Thanks Michael. Ending msiexec.exe worked for me. Disabling/enabling Windows Installer service did not help even if I followed the directions given in the article.

  45. Regis:


    I think I confront same issue as Charlie and others but there is no msiexec.exe in task.

    can you send the solution?

  46. Regis:

    got it solved thanks this indeed works.

  47. Blaven:

    Must agree with Vigan.

    I followed you steps exactly and it didn’t work, and no I didn’t mess with the registry.

    Also tried Michael’s trick with the msiexec.exe. Didn’t work either.

  48. Maria:

    Hi Sheryl!
    This is the first time I’ve encountered this problem.
    I Googled..etc…
    While I was Googling I came across your site! Great site!
    So anyway . .I tried your suggestion . .it didn’t work at first.
    I tried stopping and starting the services and restarting the laptop and

    I will look you up on facebook!

  49. Terry:

    Worked Great! Thanks so much.

  50. Dominic:

    Finally I have found a solution to a very annoying problem! Thank you so much Sheryl.

  51. Ron:

    Aaaaaah. This issue has been troubling me since I got Vista. Everything I tried to install gave me a headache. Sometimes killing MSIexec.exe in the task manager worked, sometimes it didn’t. But finally, a solution that seems to work for everything. I guess I won’t be throwing this new pc off the balcony after all. Many kind thanks. No messing with registries, no downloading “fixes”, just a simple and straightforward solution. Now I just need a fix for my love life :)

  52. Sheryl Canter:

    > Now I just need a fix for my love life :)

    LOL – Me, too!

  53. LARRY:

    Recently got a new pc windows vista and tried unsuccessfully to install my printer for same reason. Spent days trying to work this out then ran across your solution.

    YOU THE BOMB!!!!!!!!


  54. Colin Cox:


  55. DesiqnateD:

    Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!! You saved me lol!!!

  56. P.S.J:


    Cannot thank you enough! Thank you for posting this solution.


  57. Obby:

    OMG! Sheryl, you are a GENIUS. I’ve been battling this for ages, and your fix is AMAZING. You are really awesome! Thanks a ton!!

  58. Kurt Loeffler:

    Sheryl, I followed your instructions to the letter, but it did not work for me. I am using windows xp pro. Could this be my problem? I am trying to reinstall my printer after replacing a crashed hard drive.

  59. stacey:

    My setting is already set to manual. What should I do if I’m still getting the message

  60. Dean Langridge:

    I had the 1618 error problem for ages, not being able to download or update programs has cost me alot of time. no sooner had I paid out for RegCure $29 which didn’t fix the problem I found this page. thank you so much it worked a treat.

  61. Paul:

    Thanks for the info but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me and I followed your instructions to the letter.

  62. Mac:

    Thanks Sheryl, this goes into my bag of tips and tricks!

  63. Shadi A:

    I was going CRAZY!can’t thank u enough

  64. Dan Walker:

    Thanks Sheryl. I had a similar issue just now with Windows Installer launching and failing when trying to run Office. This has sorted it, so gracias!

  65. Liz:

    Wow, worked like a charm!!! Thank you so much!!!

  66. Karen:

    This solved all my problems in a snap!
    Thank YOU!

  67. Kat Obray:

    I think this will work, but I have one problem.

    After I rebooted the computer, I went to right click on Computer – then on Manage. It loaded for a few seconds, then nothing happened.

    I went to reclick on it, but when I click on the Start Menu I receive a “ding” which I usually hear when I click on a program that is frozen.

    In order to get rid of it I have to do CTRL ALT DELETE and close all Process Trees for Explore.

    Any alternative paths to Manage?

  68. Sheryl Canter:

    It takes some time to load – give it a minute before you start clicking other things. Also, you probably need to be logged in as an Administrator.

    You can also get to it through the Admin Tools folder in the Start menu. Exactly where depends on your OS, but in Windows 7 (what I’m running now), it says “Computer Management”.

    If you really can’t load the Computer Management utility (and you’re logged in as an Admin), you’ve got bigger problems than not being able to install!

  69. Alan Gilbert:

    About “Another installation is in progress” Just had to come back and say Thanks. Your advice worked like a dream. I too looked at several other sites offering complicated work arounds/fixes. Glad I held off until I found your site. Thanks again. Al.

  70. eddy:

    IT WORKS!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Sebastien Lachance:

    Worked perfectly! Thanks!

  72. Curtis Brewington:

    Worked like a charm when upgrading M$ products :)

  73. Srinivas Kumar:

    It says:
    “The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed.
    This can occur if you are running Windows in Safe Mode or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance.”

    So, what to do?
    Kindly help me in resolving this problem.

    Srinivas Kumar

  74. Karthick:

    Its really working great…Thanks a lot Sheryl.

  75. Virat Kothari:


    It was very helpful to me. It saved my life. I have wasted 3 hours to get rid off this error. Thanks for such nice and useful article.

  76. stephen:

    holy crap it worked
    ive had this problem for like 3 years no lie..
    thank you
    i havent been abled to do a thing

  77. john:

    Thanks for the tip…It worked (eventually)

    I am just adding this for the people above who say it didn’t work.
    After the re-boot and setting the installer to “manual” I had to click on “start” the service. It seems obvious but it is not in the original instructions.

  78. jt:

    No, it does not always work. Sheryl, you should think twice before telling people they did something wrong in your three step process. I followed it and it did not work. I didn’t edit the reg or delete anything before trying this method, so it’s not on my end. The problem is with Visual Studio Express’ persistent installer. As soon as you set the msiexec service back to manual after the initial reboot, it takes over again. I have not found a fix for this problem aside from wiping and reinstalling Windows 7.

  79. geeta kapoor:

    hi sheryl,
    i was so excited that i was gonna see light at the end of the tunnel, but it hasn’t worked for me. have been trying to re-install itunes, but just cannot seem to get rid of the ‘another installation is in progress’ devil….. i am using windows XP.

    help!!! anyone!

  80. tony:

    wow, works!!! Magic!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  81. Peter:

    Thank you very much Sheryl. It worked very smoothly. You are a multitalented woman.

  82. Zach:

    Ok, i did everything that you said. but when i went to chane it back to manual. I can’t because its unclickable ?????????????

  83. Murali:

    I did it but still facing the same problem when i try to uninstall another a program. :(

  84. Meng:

    Thank you so much!!!! It really works!!

  85. Karthik:

    Scrap this registry key off: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\InProgress, or just re-name this key and give it a try.

  86. nikki:

    thank youuu! this worked!!!!!

  87. shahid:

    Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D Thank youuuuuuu! :D

  88. steve:

    awesome, thanks so much!

  89. itunesvictim:

    I am facing the same problem while installing itunes. With your solution i could install itunes. After that i tried to install quicktime player which is required to start itunes. While doing so, a windows installer window popped up which stated some windows installation package problem.
    So i decided to start afresh and uninstalled all the related softwares. I downloaded the itunes software again, tried to install it, and the most dreaded error popped up again, ‘another installtion in progress and blah blah’.
    So again i tried your solution, but now it shows the STOP button enabled.
    I am totally clueless.
    Please help!!!

    Thank You…..

  90. Travis:

    I couldn’t reboot the machine as it was in use by our test team – I simply killed the msiexec task(s) – it asks if you want to backout the orginal half-baked install – when complete the service was restarted, and the new install completed fine

  91. Helga:

    After following all the directions I couldn’t get it to work, then read through all the comments to the tip from John to “start” the service. Not being a whiz with computers it wasn’t obvious to me either, but that’s all it took. This problem had been driving me crazy for ages, so really pleased to get it fixed.

  92. Chris:

    It got this to work but only after a little out-of-the-square thinking.I followed the original instructions as posted and then (later) checked to see if I had started the service again as per John’s post mentioned above by Helga. But, it still would not work.

    Now, this may not work for everybody but it did work for me after trying at least 10 times and attempting all sorts of fixes to resolve the issue of ‘another installation is running’to (re)install my HP Photosmart C5180 Printer.

    After following the original istructions I left the service disable after rebooting. After running the install package for the printer a pop-up informed me the installation could not continue as Windows Installer Service is not running. I was given the option to ‘fix’ or not this problem. I clicked fix. The service then restarted and installation continued – ths time successfully.

  93. Archana:

    Thank you soo much!! it worked for me :)

  94. Bruce:

    Another satisfied customer. Similar to most of the stories above, I spent hours on this before finally finding your simple and successfull solution. Thanks!

  95. Nishit:

    Thanks a lot, it worked for me too ! it was very helpfull ! (Y)

  96. Leonine:

    Did not work for me.
    The solution mentions to reboot the system, change the startup type of service to “Manual” and proceed with the installation (without starting the service). I tried it twice, but of no use.
    I followed the process mentioned by Travis too, i.e. killing the processes (except the one which is current process). Then it gave me another error saying there is some error with the package. I downloaded the installer again and tried all the above mentioned things again. But still it does not work.
    Please let me know if anybody has encountered the same problem and has found any workaround to this.

  97. Karen:

    I too have struggled with this problem for some time but following your instructions has enabled me to update programmes without any further problem – thankyou.

  98. Stephen Bennett:


    Does exactly what it says on the tin.

    Thank you

  99. Kelly Ward:

    The next time I have any sort of problem, you are the first place I am looking!

    Thanks for the help that no one else could provide. Simple, easy to follow, and IT WOORKS!

  100. Ron Sefchick:

    Thanks a million Sheryl. You’ve saved the bacon of many and I add my praise. It worked like a charm.

  101. Srinivas:


    I tried this multiple times. im on Windows XP Pro Sp2 – is that why its not working?

    Can someone help?

  102. Srinivas:

    I tried going through all the steps mentioned in the blog post above.. step by step. its still aint working guys.. im this’ far from throwing my monitor out of the window!

    please assist!

  103. Craig:

    It says your not real but it works Thanks

  104. Sheryl Canter:

    “It” says I’m not real? Who/what is “it”? How can I not be real? Who is typing? :)

  105. Awgie:

    I couldn’t restart the computer because the msi installer wouldn’t let me, and I didn’t want to cold reboot. (I also tried killing the msiexec.exe but it just got created again and again by winlogon.exe apparently.) So I checked the Application Event Log and lo and behold, there were events indicating that the msi Installer couldn’t find two missing directories, so I created those directories, a temp folder a Symantec LiveUpdate folder, and the msi installer finally completed its thing, and I could finally install other stuff and work as normal.

  106. Jérôme:

    Thanks a lot, I’ve been searching quite a long time as well. Your solution is really easy and it works perfectly. Thanks!!!!!!

  107. Richard Bunbury:

    I applied the instructions to the letter but it does not work. Other people have reported the same, so obviously some cases are not covered. I am glad it work for yet others, though.

  108. Dom:

    Thank you, thank you and once again, thank you Sheryl! It worked!

  109. Michael M Smith:

    Sheryl, I must admit this is the first time that I have decided to comment on a computer fix that I needed to find on the web in order to solve yet another Windows problem. I have encountered numerous times on Windows 7, problems related to installing new software – which windows installer erroneously believes that another installation is taking place at the same time. Thank you so much for providing an excellent solution to a problem that Microsoft denies exists with Windows 7 ((or at the very least my machine). I kept receiving the same error message while trying to install Windows Live Essential 11 that another installation was taking place when it wasn’t. Thank you very much and keep up the excellent work!

    Warmest Regards,
    Michael M Smith

  110. paul:

    Hi Sheryl,

    it worked for me.


  111. Lucian Ciufudean:

    Or if you hate restarting your computer (I am having now 3.51 GB worth of bytes in mem), you can try this procedure (but you have to be quick with the mouse):
    - open the Services window, open the Windows Installer properties, change the startup type to manual; keep the window handy
    - open task manager
    - kill all instances of msiexec
    - switch to the services window, right click, Refresh on Windows Installer
    - stop it

    Now you’re good to install your program

  112. Amanda:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was worked for me too!

    to everyone trying to solve this beyond annoying problem!!!! do as she says but click start once you switch it back to manual! its work worked for me and some other people here :D


    Good karma to you!!!!


  113. Alen:

    I am glad someone out there helped to fix my problem. Thanks alot,,,,,,

  114. Cris:

    This fix works exactly as advertised. Thanks a million for being willing to get it out there for the rest of us!

  115. Tony:

    Worked for me too. Thanks.

  116. John:

    It has not worked. I have also tried the Cleanup Utility to no evail. Windowsw configuration manager is saying that I have updates that need to be installed. I get the “Another installation is in progress” error. I have gone to Microsoft’s site and installed all the updates listed. It still tells me they are needed. There are no msiexec.exe processes running.

  117. mischorradas:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! :D
    That worked with Punkbuster installing error 1500.

  118. Shelly99:

    Thanks so much! Worked like a charm :)

  119. David:

    Thanks for the info Sheryl this fix is still helping out 2 years later ( you posted December 25, 2008). Awesome!

  120. Matt Denny:

    I also googled the problem, except THIS time I found your blog post instead of all the horribly complicated ones you mentioned. Thank you so much; within three minutes the problem was solved and my new software was installed. I will be linking this post to my computer consultant. :)


  121. aj:

    Thanks a bunch, I have been struggling with this one for a while.

  122. StrayLa:

    Great fix — I’ve had a problem updating my Zune software for 10 months and finally I found this and it worked! Thank you very much.

  123. FG:

    I got rid of the problem by uninstalling the Dell Support Center of my Dell PC. It was trying to constantly installing in the backround.

  124. Blake:

    Just wanted to let you know that this doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve followed your steps word for word…five times. Still no fix. Discovered anyone else with my problem?

  125. mike:

    Thanks for pointing the direction… Didnt do exactly as you stated but stopping the running service allowed me to get my uninstallation underway with out rebooting either!

  126. Jake:

    BRILLIANT!!! Kudos to simple intelligence.

  127. Joseph:

    This absolutely works! Thanks. It has been exceedingly hard to find a fix that works and that is this simple.

  128. rick:

    Years later and this still works.

    I’ve had this problem for over a year & was going to buy a new computer.

    thanks for helping me resolve the issue.

  129. Jun:

    It works! Great!

  130. Joan:

    My husband was going crazy trying to install a new Quicken program. The laptop with Vista kept saying another program was installing (not so, of course).

    I found your fix and printed it out for him.

    He told me to tell you to expect roses and a dinner invitation. :-)

  131. Sheryl Canter:

    Cool! I love roses! :)

    I’m happy it helped.

  132. ks:

    What if it is already set to manual?

  133. The Lost Souls:

    This worked first time for me, I had a problem trying to install Nero and this fixed it.


  134. bk:

    Thank you! It worked..

  135. manish:

    Hi Sheryl,
    I am using window XP. I am facing same issue of iTunes, I tried the same steps mentioned by you. But no luck :(

    Since 2 days, I have been struggling on it, got frustrated. Please help me.


  136. lucicle:

    Thanks so much, this really worked! I’m very grateful.

  137. Stephen:

    Ive tried this about 3 times and it still hasnt worked. Is there any other way to get my installations to work because I have a bunch of programs out of date. I rarley have a problem with my laptop that I cant fix and I dont want to Format/reload it because my windows Key is faded away.

  138. Jacob:

    I used this method 3-4 times with no luck. after following the advice of FrankFranko (a few posts down in the comments) I was able to install in no problem. I simply clicked manual then immediately ran the installation of the program. Worked like a charm.

  139. Ingrid:

    Thank you SO much! This totally cleared up my problems (and I had been struggling with this problem off and on for a while!). I am truly grateful to you, Sheryl

  140. Allie:


    Your solution did not work. I tried it several times and followed the process exactly step by step. Your unwillingness to accept that someone else might be right is annoying.

  141. Allie:

    I finally fixed my problem and installed my program. After following Sheryls instructions (I dont know if that helped to fix things or not so you might want to do that first) I clicked on start and went to Run and searched Installer Cleanup. I isolated the installation by date and deleted all installations for today. After rebooting my computer I was able to install my program by opening the auto run program that came up for my media and right clicked on install and clicked install. ONLY ONCE. I have windows vista. Hope this helps.

  142. Ryan:


    I tried what you suggested, but when i change “manual” to “disabled” and click OK, the following message pops up:

    “Unable to open service MSIServer for writing on Local Computer. Error 5: Access is denied.”

    I am using Windows Xp. Please help!

  143. Derek D.:

    Simply brilliant. I have had this issue for months and been scratching my head. Thank you!

  144. Omar S:

    Thanks so much this was great !

  145. Ephraim:

    Wow it worked. Thanks for this. Wish that more people woukd be like you.

  146. BubLBoy:

    This did it! No more staying up til 2am installing, uninstalling and rebooting!

  147. Mel:

    My option to change the manual to disabled isn’t available it won’t let me change it???

  148. Stella:

    It works. I’ve been unable to install/uninstall anything for a long time, imagine how frustrated I have been. Thank you very much.

  149. Vinnie A:

    Thanks Sheryl, much obliged for the tip.

  150. E.M.:

    Thank you for this guide, worked perfectly

  151. Gina:

    Thank you for the information, it worked! I couldn’t get help from tech support to resolve the issue. Thank you again and I hope you post more computer related info that is easy to follow. YOU ARE AN ANGEL!

  152. Herman Coutinho:

    Thank you very much for the tip. It worked for me, I was trying to install a voip program on windows7 and it gave me the same annoying error of another installation is taking place.

    Guys follow the steps and it works.

  153. Taylor Nelson:

    I don’t know who you are, but I just want to tell you that you are a life saver!!

  154. Jas:

    Great tip – Thanks very much :)

  155. John:

    You are a genius and an angel. Thank you so much, and God bless you, too!

  156. brigadoon:

    I love that for 2 years across multiple operating systems this “Feature” has been annoying many users! Thank you for the help! I too had dealt with and searched for too long. I did have an install that was kicking off at startup so I had to quickly cancel it after disabling the installer. Once I turned it back to manual, I could kick it off no problem.

    Thanks again

  157. LIA:

    Worked like a charm, Thanks a mill!

  158. Tyler:


  159. Rukku:

    IT worked for me…Thank you

  160. Mark:

    Worked perfectly.


  161. shrevid:

    Thanks, your solution worked perfectly.

  162. dion:

    this solution is great but it’s only till the NEXT time. It’s too bad there is not a DOS batch file to do this each and every time to do the same thing.

  163. diane wellspring:

    I came across your site & was quite impressed. My problem is “this program is not associated to perform this action, create a association in folder options” I’m sorta a newbie. Can you help me? dw

  164. Joesph:

    Instead, just stop the windows installer service and then start the installer. It worked for me with Hamachi.

  165. Dylan:

    SWEETNESS!! IT WORKED :D I had been looking around and everyone was saying crap about needed cleanup software. 10 minuets and done. Awesome!

  166. Michele:

    Totally worked with a server that was kicking my butt. Thanks!!

  167. Eby:

    Any help on a 32-bit Vista system where I’m getting the same message?
    “This installation failed to start because another update installation is in progress”!

  168. Erik Decker:

    It actually even simpler and requires no restart. do as described above but instead, the program the you want to install that you get this message on keep running. then diable the installer, click ok, go back, hit retry and it should work, then when finished, click enable. DONE!

  169. Dillon:

    So I did all this and itunes will still is like Installation Already in Progress so idk if i missed anything or if there is somthing bigger here =/ any help

  170. Scott - Spokane:

    Well for crying out loud, it worked! Just as you said, Sheryl. Silly me cause I was skeptical. My problem was a do-over of a failed install of Exchange 2010 tools on a Win 7 platform. Ok, now I owe ya!! -S

  171. Bannee:

    If I didn’t have any self-control I would have phased through cyber world to your screen then kissed you, smack on the lips!!! Even though I’m not a lesbian and lack that ability,

    This was a life-saver!

  172. Angela Griffin:

    Worked perfectly!! Thank you for posting so that those of us that are not Tier 1 IT tech support can resolve issues like these without having to wait for days for a call-back!!

    Thank you!!

  173. Stuart:

    You have saved me so much time so many thanks to you. Well time has not been saved but at least I do not have to escalate this issue to my boss.

    And youi have increased my knowledge base!!!

  174. Bridget:

    You, Sheryl, are my HERO!!
    This worked perfectly! Thank you so much. :)

  175. Vee:

    It worked! Thank you!

  176. DKD:

    Thanks so much for the advice! I was thoroughly frustrated with trying to install a few new programs on my laptop. I kept getting the error message that another program was being installed and I knew that wasn’t true. I tried everything I could think of to fix the problem with no resolution. I had given up completely and was going to return the programs, until I searched Google one more time and found this site. I tried what you suggested and kept my fingers crossed. It corrected my problem on the first try and my programs installed successfully!! This very simply solved a problem that I have been struggling with continuously for a couple of weeks.

  177. Dan:

    Thanks, it worked!
    The problem program in question was Seagate’s SeaTools hard drive analyzer.

  178. Tom:

    Tried what you suggested but trying to install Skype and I keep getting error 1618 even after. Rebooted after switching to Disable and then again after changing to Manual and double checked that it was still in Manual but no luck installing. This is not a new problem as I have not been able to install any new software for quite awhile. Any thoughts?

  179. Phil:

    Let me be the first of 2012: it worked! Thank you kindly.

  180. YG:

    THANK YOUUUUUUU!!! :) :):)

  181. Junaid:

    Thank you sheryl :-) ,
    I was so lucky to come across this first before I found anything telling me to do something that will would have resulted in me making the situation worse.

  182. Paul Green:

    Hi Cheryl

    I have tried your example so many times to no avail to date, (I did send you a message yesterday, but have only just realised that your are USA based)….., My biggest concern has been how to open word documents that are attached to incoming mail for work purposes, and I have found a “work around”, although I still cannot open existing /saved word docs, seemingly due to “a programme still installing” (BUT DON’T KNOW WHAT/WHERE !!),
    For emailed attached word docs I have discovered that if I click view, (not download)
    >>edit on line
    download as, (selecting pdf),

    Then I can safely save to my docs and view at leisure, and re-attach and mail forward when required….rather laborious YES, but will keep me working for the now, but am still (after 3-days now)as perplexed as before, but thought this may help anyone in my situation for the time being, but ultimatley it doesn’t solve my problem with existing word docs

  183. Azidoro:

    Work for me . I had to say thank you so much

  184. Jason:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the post – I didn’t use your method, but it pointed me in the right direction, I ended up using an elevated task manager to kill msiexec.exe and it fixed it without rebooting.

  185. Jan:

    Thanks very much! Worked like a charm. Wish I’d found your blog 1 week ago! But “never too late”!!

  186. Leslie:

    Hi Cheryl

    I have tried your example so many times and i still get the same message… I was trying to sync my ipod to my iTunes and in the process iTunes asked me if I wanted to download the new version. I said yes, and guess what.. I lost my entire iTunes.. it doesnt even show up in my programs anymore. Then when I try downloading all the free versions of iTunes it keeps telling me that another ilnstallation is in progress. I kept trying your example and never could get it to work. I also now keep getting these messages when I reboot:

    Error in C/Windows/System32/spool/DRIVERS/W32X86/3/DLCCTIME.dll

    Missing Entry: RunDLL Entry


    Application has failed to start because
    ASL.dll was not found
    Re-Installing the application may fix problem..

    I feel like I may have a virus on my computer.. I cannot even download the extra version of KASPERSKY that I paid for???? If you can help me I will be EVER SO GRATEFUL!!!! I have been working on this off and on now for three weeks.

    I am excited that you have a website for everyones problems…. dont you get tired of answering everyones problems.. Ha Ha??? I will just wait to hear back from you.. thank you so much in advance….


  187. Sheryl Canter:


    I googled “asl.dll missing”. I don’t know why I bothered to do this – just curious. I got about a zillion results referring to how an upgrade of iTunes generates this error if you try to jailbreak your iPhone with Blackra1n. Perhaps that’s what’s going on?

    My suggestion to you is that you google your other errors and address those. “Installation already in progress” is not your biggest problem. Check out those reboot errors.

    - Sheryl

  188. Ben Kirby:

    Finally, something that worked. Many thanks.

  189. Jose Galdamez:

    It’s funny how in 2012 this can still be a problem with Windows 7. It appears as if an installer I ran earlier got suspended mid-install. Even though I restarted several times I could not run further installations. This saved my day. Thank you so much!

  190. Chris:

    I tried this and it worked! I have spent over a week looking for an “Easy” solution on the Zone Alarm threads as I knew it would be pointless Uninstalling and Reinstalling programmes, etc. You are a godsend!

    Best wishes


  191. Aaron:

    Did not work for me. I did everything you said. After that I still couldn’t uninstall the stupid programs that come with itunes which means my itunes installation won’t work. Why does this have to happen -.-’

  192. Chris:

    3 1/2 years later and am glad I stumbled across this post. Thanks so much for such a simple fix!

  193. Golbs:

    I found on Win 7 you can do this without the reboot!

  194. Golbs:

    This works without the reboot! (win 7)

  195. Terrie:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! Thank you…Thank you….Did I say Thank you!!!! I have not been able to get anything to download or update for weeks. Spent 1hr. 1/2 on phone with a tech support and after the 1hr. 1/2 they just gave up. You are a true computer lifesaver cause I was ready to start throwing things at it. :)

  196. Bobby:

    Thank you for posting! This just made my life a lot easier. I was able to click Disable, then the Stop button became active so I was able to stop and restart the service without rebooting. I’m using XP. Thanks again, great stuff!

  197. Chandni Khan:

    Thanks for the Help . It worked like a charm and resolved the issue instantly .. thanks :)

  198. dctimes2:

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  199. rbrooks:

    Worked great for me. Clean reg and followed steps.
    No issues after.

  200. JC:

    Amazing, still applicable to 2008r2. 10/10 from me :-)

  201. Jennifer:

    Thank you!!! I am soo thankful I’ve been having issue after issue trying to install things and this was such an easy fix!

    You are amazing!

  202. Robin:

    Worked for me in Windows Server 2003 R2!

  203. Kris:

    Amazing! The article is dated sometime back in 2008, yet many people find it very useful. Just stumbled upon this and fixed my problem.

    VirtualBox-4.1.14-77440-Win.exe throws the same error while installing it on Windows 7 and following the instructions in this blog, I was able to save several precious hours. Thanks a ton!!

  204. jlst:

    could not get rid of sweetim, the uninstalled failed with the ‘another install is in progress’ message, I followed the instructions and worked fine! I work with xp pro. Thanks a lot!!

  205. beecallis:

    worked for me thanx

  206. Vincent:

    works better than windows installer cleanup :p

    I could launch my setup program without hassle. The installer even told me which setup program had caused the problem in the first place and asked to clean it up. Great.

  207. Angiee:

    when i click on manage, nothing comes up.

  208. Brett:

    I think that was it. I’ve been so annoyed and frustrated for so long now and I think this was it. I really can’t thank you enough for your advice. You are a wonderful person and I’d give you a big hug if I could. Thanks.

  209. Theo:

    it didn’t work for me. The “Startup Type” box and the “Servie Status” boxes are grayed out

  210. Theo:

    nevermind! I got it, I just used the task manager to close out of all instances of the windows installer. Thanks though.

  211. Vinay:

    Thanks.. This worked.

  212. Beverly:

    I’ve had this problem for years! Even my computer guy couldn’t figure this out.

    Thank you so much! I’m back able to install programs again.

  213. Chester Wilson:

    Maybe there are a couple of flavours of this. On 2 of my machines, I keep getting the message but the windows installer service is not running, so your technique does nothing. And the error keeps popping up! And I have no trouble installing/updating programmes – just a thoroughly annoying message, another one every couple of days.

  214. Deb:

    Thanks SO much!!

  215. Jay:

    Does this work on XP?????

  216. Marmalade:

    Cheers! Turned out it was Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 that wouldn’t finishing installing.

  217. Sompa:

    Thank you so much. This worked for me.

  218. Aishwarya:

    Thank you soo much!!! :D

  219. DrJimDPhD:

    Worked for one install. Tried to run another and had to repeat the steps again. Hmm.

  220. Hena:

    Where do I find the “windows installer” Ive been trying to download autoCAD 2013 on my lap for two day and it just doesnt work. I already have autoCAD 2008 on it but for some reason it just wont open and I have so much work to do for school. When I download CAD it downloads fine but then nothing happens. Then I get the msg ” an instance of setup is already running” I dont know what to do :(

    Any help is appreciated.

  221. Sheryl Canter:

    If you launch Task Manager you can see what’s running (Ctrl+Alt+Del then choose Task Manager then the Procedures tab). But it sounds like you are not experienced with Windows, so why don’t you just reboot? That will get rid of whatever is running and hung.

  222. Steve B.:

    This worked fine for me but I had to do it twice. I followed the directions the first time and it did not work. I tried it again but the second time I shut off Zone Alarm and followed the instructions again and it worked. I am not sure if it had anything to do with my Zone Alarm but it worked. Originally I was having problems with uninstalling as well as installing but this fixed it!!

    Steve B.

  223. Apoorva:

    It did not work for me! i tried it 4 times and every time i prepare to install itunes, that annoying message pops up again! is there any other way?? its really not working for me. Please help me Sheryl, i will be really glad..

  224. Theresa:

    This worked exactly for me the first try on my Windows 7 machine when I had this problem installing an iTunes update. I am so glad I found your solution.

  225. Mary:

    hello sheryl.
    Windows media player doesn’t work
    it always says server execution failed.

    can you help me with this?

  226. CPrusty:

    Worked great for me. Thanks to you.

  227. CVArgas:

    I’m stuck in the properties dialog box, I can’t change it from manual to disabled , it won’t let me, Please HELP!! I’m using Windows 8.

  228. Mac:

    If you are on Windows 8 then open Command Prompt (as administrator) and run the following command -> net stop msiserver

  229. Frank:

    Sheryl, you are amazing.

  230. Thomas Dohling:

    Worked for me, but have to keep repeating it. Thanks though.

  231. Zeeshan:

    Thank you very much I was facing this problem from many months but with your help now everything is going smoothly, even though It doesn’t worked permanently but still I am very relaxed and enjoying it, Thanks again.

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    that solved one problem thank you !! Anyone know how to stop updates from failing to install?

  234. Foad:

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  235. Vikas:

    Hi Sheryl,

    I need to install Adobe cs3 suit.
    I already have installed it in my comp, but when i tried to install adobe photoshop cs5 standalone version.the problem occured to the previous version.
    so i determined to uninstall the photoshop and i did.

    now cs3 version stopped working and i tried to uninstall it but by windows default i can’t uninstall it.
    i tried to run the adobe installer where it asks whether you want to remove or install . but it is giving me an error that “Setup Already Running” You can only install one adobe product at a time.
    where there is not installation in process.

    I uninstalled adobe by using iobit-uninstaller application to remove it from my system and cleaned up registry also.

    then i found your post
    i tried it by disabling and again putting on manual mode but i doesn’t work!

    Hope you’ve got a solution.

    I can’t re-install cs3 and can’t remove it from the control panel program and features

    please help

  236. Sheryl Canter:

    I wrote another post about problems installing and uninstalling the Adobe suite. Did you see that?

  237. Bono:

    Brilliant. It worked and much better than all the other “solutions” I was able to find on the net.

    I looked at several and they were all mumbo jumbo. Until I got to this one.

    Thanks again

  238. prav:

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  239. shubham:

    thanks a lot!!!! it works….

  240. fern:

    I simply stopped the service and restarted the install and the problem was solved.
    Good tip though

  241. Anthony:

    Hi Sheryl,
    Your tip is greatly appreciated. Sometimes the simple solutions are often the best.

  242. Steve Williams:

    I would never have thought of this. Not in a trillion lifetimes. Thanks. Please date me xx

  243. Sheryl Canter:

    I’m happy to have helped. :)

  244. Jerry Reeves:


    I can’t tell you the countless hours I’ve spent with a countless number of supposed “solutions” to this problem – from Microsoft and numerous other sources. None of them worked.

    Your simple method worked like a charm and I can’t thank you enough. In addition, I was able to see which program had bollixed up my Windows Installer in the 1st place.

    You’re an angel – thanks again.

  245. Dean:

    My “Startup Type” is greyed out and I can not change it. Now what?

  246. Tamara:

    I really want to try your method, since I see it has worked for a lot of people. I followed your steps exactly up until I opened the window with the “disable” drop down list. For some reason, the arrow is faded out, and I can’t do anything to change it. I really want my computer to work properly again, and I don’t know why I can’t select “disable” to change it. I am running Windows 8. Do you have any suggestions?

  247. Gabriel:

    thank you so much. this has saved me from a ton of headache i was having with a server over this weekend. have my babies plz

  248. hardik:

    thanks saved my neck

  249. Ashok Bhargava:

    This appears to be the solution but in my case I am not able to disable. The start up type drop down menu does not work and stays at Manual. My new laptop is installed with Windows 8 OS. It seems that my problem is same as Tamara.

  250. Jack:

    I had the same problem as Ashok & Tamara on A Windows 8 system but found a solution. I was able to successfully install MySQL after repeatedly getting the “another installation already in progress” message. What I found was that there were 3 or 4 processes of Windows Installer running in Task Manager. I killed each one of them in turn. Then I went back to the mysql-installer-community- file and was able to install the DB program successfully.

  251. robin richardson:

    Thank you very much!

  252. Fahad:

    Thanx Alot!!! it worked!

  253. Christina:

    As it was posted in 2008 I didn’t hold a lot of hope of this working, systems change etc – but thank god it did! Thank you SO much for sharing this post.

  254. Giggsy62:

    Thank you so much …it worked; i was literally tearing my hair out; HP technical staff couldn’t work it out, but i have succeeded following your advice. Thanks again :)

  255. Teddy94:

    thank you so much, you’ve won the internet

  256. Glen Turnbull:

    Thanks for the tip! Rather than restarting the machine I killed the Windows Installer process in task manager and it worked for me.

  257. Amber Ikram:

    thank you sooo much,it worked :)

  258. mohit:

    i cant change it from manual to disabled :(

  259. grekko:

    Excellent!….simple and effective.

  260. not required:

    services, windows installer, logon, select allow service to interact with desktop

  261. Ed1212:

    I right clicked on the “My Computer” icon, hit manage, and got an error message stating MMC cannot open file and that it may be because the file does not exist, is not an MMC console, or was created by a later version of MMC. Please help.

  262. Hernando:

    Thanks Cheryl it looks like this worked for me. Now I can update all my security essentials on my laptop.

  263. Homer:

    This did not work for me. Framework 4.0 installer continues to say another installation is alredy in progress ……Help!

  264. Seth:

    i tried this..its good that no more another insta llation blah blah thing but it also prevent my installtion setup to finish..btw im downloading net framework

  265. Seth:

    I also have trouble downloading microsoft 2005 redistributable x64 any ideas?? I know its off topic but i hope you know something :)

  266. sharon:

    Does not work. In properties, it shows it set on manual which cannot be selected–grayed out. Service status is running, but all options to start, stop, pause, resume are grayed out. Absolutely NO programs can be installed because an installation is running, but there is none running.

  267. Richard:

    Worked just fine for me. Thanks very much

  268. Martin:

    Worked again, many thanks Sheryl. Is there any way I can stop it happening again?

  269. Sheryl Canter:

    It hasn’t happened to me in a very long time, I assume because Microsoft fixed something. Do you keep up with Windows updates?

  270. beth:

    ran into problems fixing .NET framework…your solution helped me successfully repair. Anyway, long story short is that I just wanted to thank you for posting this, and leaving this up for so long for those poor souls who have followed in your footsteps on the path of Another Installation Is Running. THANK YOU!!!

  271. toni:

    THANK YOU!! 3 blooming days I’ve struggled to fix this… Then found this and it took me 30seconds!! You are fantastic and now bookmarked!

  272. Mehar:

    There isnt an option to change the manual to disabled because it is greyed out! I cant select it at all! Im using windows 8 and this problem is bugging me like hell! Please help! :(

  273. Robert:

    Thank you so much Sheryl. It worked perfectly. I tried all the other so called fixes and none of them worked.

  274. Phred:

    Thanks. It worked. It’s just sad that Microsoft couldn’t come up with this solution or better yet, address this installation issue so it isn’t a problem anymore.

  275. Mike Brady:

    Ha! Thanks, it worked!

  276. Mike:

    Solution worked great! This happened to me while installing the driver for a Nvidia graphics card. Thank you!

  277. Danny:

    I followed the steps perfectly but it didn’t work so I downloaded Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and it solved it instantly. Thanks guys.

  278. marino:

    i want to remove kaspersky internet security but its uninstallation is never going to end for several hours.
    plz suggest!!!

  279. Sean:

    Many thanks Sheryl, saved me a lot of time and effort figuring this out on a Windows 7 machine.

  280. Jesse:

    Many thanks. This worked for me too. Trying to remove Kaspersky.

  281. Deanna:

    Thank you, obviously this is a common issue but a real show stopped for those unfamiliar with your fix. It worked like a charm!!!

    I have a suggestion, since this page is so long, and there are lots of great thank you’s and questions, it would make the data appear more relevant to list the comments beginning ith newest at the top to oldest at the bottom (opposite of current). The first comment now is dated January 18, 2009.

    Again, many many thanks!!

  282. Michael Richardson:

    Follow up: My solution turned out simple enough. I used task manager, processes, and “End process tree” on msiexec.exe (which is the process you’re suggesting to disable/stop).

  283. Sheryl Canter:

    I’m glad you found a solution.

  284. Robert Rickman:

    Is there a similar solution for Windows *? I Windows installer service is running and will not let me stop it.

  285. Robert Rickman:

    Should have been Windows 8.

  286. SuperDuperBuilderman123:

    Even I have the same problem on my Sony Vaio running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. Blame it on Java.

  287. CJGraham:

    Hi, I’m attempting your solution but I can’t seem to complete it. When I open the Windows Installer Properties window, I cannot change it from “Manuel” to “Disabled.” The options are highlighted with a frosty/faded tint, and I simply unable to click on it to change it. I have an HP Envy dv6 with Windows 8.

  288. David H:

    Thank you yes it worked for me also

  289. Mario Martin:

    Hi there.

    It’s works…
    Thanks a lot.

  290. zang:

    Hi it seems to work but does this mean that everytime I want to install something I have t9 disable reboot and then set manual everytime I do some different installation.

  291. deena:

    i have the exact same problem as cjgraham on october 10. i have an hp envy 4-1105dx. please help! i want to write one of those grateful thank you comments!

  292. Mukesh:

    I had the same problem in one of our window 7 machines and disabling the service resolved the issue.

    Thanks so much.

  293. Doug:

    It worked! Thank you. I’ll bookmark this page.

  294. tirade:

    You are a genius! Got into a mess trying to install a webcam (LifeCam VX-3000). MS sites complex instructions frightened the living daylights out of me. This sorted it!

  295. Pankaj:

    Great…..It works

  296. sumanvitha:

    startup type option is disabled. What should I do??

  297. Barry:

    Sheryl’s solution worked for me (I’m on Vista), but it only worked one time. After I installed something else, then the problem reappeared. By looking through all the posts, though, it seems some combination of things has fixed it – and no reboot was required. I’m not saying this is the order in which to do things, I just kept playing with different things and retrying my installation, and all of a sudden it worked.
    - In Services, disable Windows Installer
    - In Regedit, rename the key “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\
    Installer\InProgress” to something else
    - From Task Manager, kill the process tree for MSIEXEC.EXE
    - In Services, set Windows Installer to Manual

    After doing some combination of the above, I could do my installation without getting the error. (Whether I can now do a second installation remains to be seen — but at least I didn’t have to reboot.)

    Good luck to all who are still struggling with this problem.

  298. Glenn:

    It worked on Server 2003!

  299. James Nelson:

    Thanks, this was really driving me nuts, and all the other fixes I found either didn’t work, or were very complex.

  300. Karla Walker:

    This was driving me up a wall when my wireless had stopped working just hours before after a windows update. I came acrosse you web page and followed your directions and this worked remarkably! Thank You!!!

  301. Mrpudgyface:

    I followed all the steps but when i get to the “windows installer prop(local computer” it doesn’t allow me to change anything on the page.

  302. briantw:

    Okay, after googling, the fourth link solved the problem for me (yours was first). It’s from the Sophos website, and following these steps solved it:

    1. Open the Task Manager on the local computer (right-click the system tray and select ‘Start task Manager’)
    2. Under the processes tab, select any processes named ‘msiexec.exe’ (there could be multiple entries) and then press ‘End Process’.

    Hope this helps those for whom the tip above didn’t work.

  303. balu:

    while installing vs 2010 in xp sp3 windows installer 4.5 error showing

  304. AKb:

    Same problem is troubling me with installation of my quick heal antivirus installation.
    Everything is going right till properties of windows installer properties but drag down menu where I have to switch it to ‘disable’ is not highlighted/Accessible.
    Help me with dat.

  305. TimO'C:

    I’ve spent hours trying to find a resolution to the problem. Thank You — It worked.

  306. Fyxe:

    On Windows 8, use the Task Manager, click “Details”, and end the msiexec process.

  307. Stephen:

    Worked perfect, Thanks =]

  308. RICK GORE:

    My problem is that every time i try to open a document done in word 2007 i first get boxes that say “configuring” then “installing” then an error has occurred and feature is no longer functioning properly- then run setup and select “repair.” i can still bring up the document by xing out these boxes and selecting “cancel.” how can i avoid going through this process each time? Thanks

  309. Sheryl Canter:

    Rick, posting in all-caps is the online equivalent of yelling. I edited your post to correct this. If you post again, please do it in sentence-case or lower case. Thanks.

  310. TimO'C:

    Sheryl,I too have benefited by your insight. Thank you. This continues to be a recurring problem on my system. It is as if some unknown routine is messing with the internal system settings and leaving me with an apparently incomplete installation of “something”. Do you have any suggestions as to how to find the culprit?

  311. Himani Anand:

    The start up type is disabled for me. the manual mode is selected though , but I cannot change it. How do I go about it ?

  312. Jon-Boy:

    Just another user reporting in that this worked for me perfectly. Thanks. A failed install was driving me batty.

  313. Liam:

    My start up is also disabled stuck on manual and i cant change it either?

  314. Gracie:

    I can’t change anything in the properties window…so I’m wondering if I’ve done something wrong or…?

  315. fire boy:

    What do you do if you’re not the administrator

  316. shirin:

    cant find the window installer, after I select services, I can only see all the programs that are active :-(

  317. Norm:

    Thanks Sheryl,
    You are the Biz !
    I had this prob for a year and have put it on the backburner.
    Desperate to load a new program and had to face the ‘Another Installation’ nightmare.
    I did not think it was Windows causing the problem !!
    Thanks again

  318. Phil:

    Hi Sheryl,

    I have had this problem on all my end user clients for sometime now. Your fix is indeed a temporary solution, however EVERY client on my domain is having this problem and I can’t for the life of me work out how to resolve it domain wide. I can’t even push out new software to clients using Group Policy as the Windows Installer process is preventing any new installations from starting.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  319. Sheryl Canter:

    Yuck! That’s an interesting problem.

    If it were me, I’d start researching how this happens in the first place, to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    It hasn’t happened on any of my computers for a very long time. What OS are you running, and how many computers are involved?

  320. Migdalia:

    God bless you!!! Thanks you’re amazing.

  321. Michael Grice:

    You are truly awesome and thank you for sharing. I had a particularly pesky xml update that needed to be installed as part of a rush security audit remediation. This problem was the only thing holding up progress, and your suggestion (elegant and simple, but totally logical) fixed an issue other couldn’t figure out….. and you made me look good in the mix.

    Thanks again.

  322. Sheryl Canter:

    I’m glad I could help! :)

  323. Carolyn:

    This worked! iTunes broke and I couldn’t uninstall or reinstall, and anyway, I’m so glad I found your solution. Thanks!

  324. Christina:

    I have Windows 8 and I frequently encounter this problem; I found though that if I go to my task manager (shortcut: ctrl + alt + del) I can go through the applications running in the background, I just right click on any windows installer applications and select end task and I’m good to go.

  325. Falah Nabeel:

    This worked like a charm! Thanks!

  326. advyon:

    This worked for me. In my case, the service was set to manual and not started. I started the service, then ran the installer which immediately worked. Great job on the diagnosis!

  327. shamshu:

    Thank you very much……………………

  328. shamshu:

    I have tried to get the solution of this problems at many ways but it was failed. Am very much Thankfull to you.

  329. abu hassan ali:

    it worked well!!! thanks.. gr8 post

    thanks againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :)

  330. Fanman03:

    I use Windows 8.1 and the dropdown for Startup Type is greyed out.

  331. WoRkEd:

    It Worked.. It sure did.. worked.

  332. Suraj:

    It doesnt worked for me . i have gone through the said process. But the windows installer is already defaulted with manual only.. then also followed ur step sheryl,, the same error while installing “Skype” another installation is in progress.kindly help me out

  333. Ken C:

    Followed these instructions to the letter but still unable to get past the error. I’m trying to run HP’s Fax Setup for a LaserJet Pro 1212mf.

  334. Jason:

    Thank that worked for me.
    That error popped whe i was installing hamachi
    Instead of reboot i restarted my computer

  335. Krishna:

    Thanks a lot! This worked for me.

  336. Sylvia:

    this worked for me as well – thanks!

  337. Jack:

    Hi Sheryl

    I have windows 8.1. When I try to use your solution I find that the the properties dialogue box is completed ‘greyed’ out so i can’t select anything. This whole function has been disabled. Do you have any idea what I can do?


  338. aqib:

    My properties list for windows installer is grey and cannot disable

  339. Madeline:

    This is so helpful! thank you so much!

  340. Mark:

    I tried to install Quicken 2014 but had this same problem. No other programs or installers were running!!! I wasted 3 hours until I found your blog and advise. I followed it and it worked! Very helpful. Thank you very much!!!

  341. al:

    Had trouble for months with Windows Installer. Your instructions have solved the problem when Microsoft would offer no help, thanks so much.

  342. Mohamed:

    thanks, it worked to me for installing the new nvidia’s driver.

  343. Shanmuga PRiya:

    Thank you so much! it worked

  344. afif shafit:

    it works!!…thank you so much!! and you explain it very well.

  345. chaitanya Reddy:

    wow it worked like a charm , thanks a lot dude….

  346. CB:

    I’m not sure what my problem is, but when I googled it brought up this solution. I am simply trying to open a word document and I get the message “Window Installer” “Another Installation is already in progress. Complete that installaton before prodeeding with this install”. I get this message with every word doc I try to open.

  347. VFL:

    I tried it the way you described, but at the windows installer properties all of the options are grey and I can’t use them.

    How can I fix it now?

  348. Shugg McGlummfer:

    Great, worked for me. Should’ve remembered that this is how you do it. Thanks.

  349. Eugene:

    Thank you! This worked for us!!!!

  350. Pavel:

    Thanks, worked for me as well (Windows 7/64bit).
    Though, as pointed out already by someone earlier, the Windows Installer service remained in a running state after the installation ended, which it shouldn´t, right?

  351. Ron:

    I confirmed that this one weird trick works with Windows 7/64 bit and VS2013 Update 2.

  352. Balaji:

    Very helpful post.

    This worked for me.
    In my case a system restart was needed after following the steps.

    Thank you.

  353. kumar:

    I had installed bluestacks to run android on my pc. it was installed, worked well. but I had to uninstall it to reinstall as it showed malfunctioning. unfortunately now I can not install it again as it gives me message that ” this program is already installed on or machine”. I have removed it from everywhere however it shows the same message. how can I installed again. restoring is also not working.

  354. Sutar..:

    I am sorry, Hv tried it but the screen is not highlighted… Startup type- is not highlighted so I cant change it.

  355. John:

    Thanks … did the trick

  356. Neil:

    Thanks – I found I didn’t need to restart the laptop on Win8.1, shutting the service off allowed me to start VisualStudio.

  357. Rodney Thomas:

    The manual pull down screen is not highlighted so I can’t change it.

  358. Doug Heydon:

    This problem has been dogging me for weeks and nothing seemed to work. Your suggested approach did the trick – Thanks! I’m using Win 7 Ultmate, and this has occurred with several program updates. None of the other ‘gurus’ appear to have mentioned this, so I’m glad I found your blog.

  359. Lyn:

    Thank you, Sheryl. I thought I would never be able to uninstall a program again! lol. This was awesome, worked like a charm. And it’s the only site with the answer for this problem. I’m going to share a link to your site for others with this issue. Thanks again!

  360. Zoe:

    I’ve followed this to the letter several times and I am still incurring the problem. I’ve tried various other suggestions on the internet and nothing – massively frustrating. If anyone has any other suggestions I’d be happy to hear them.

  361. Jer:

    Hi Sheryl,

    Why I can’t change start up to “Disable”. It’s unclickable.

  362. Abiud:

    Muchas gracias funciono en xp genial :D

  363. Paul Lynch:

    Another way to fix this is to open Server Manager, click Add Features and then cancel the other install that it believes is currently in progress. I’ve seen this message re-appear following 2 re-boots and cancelling the install fixed it for me.

  364. Wendy:

    Brilliant … and thank you ! Don’t know why Microsoft couldn’t publish this simple solution instead of that page and a half of useless information stating the obvious. Win8.

  365. Shaylene:

    Thank you so much, was pulling out my hair trying to figure out how to get rid of the error

  366. Eleonore:

    Many thanks Sheryl for this very useful way to get rid of this nerve-racking error message. Your effective solution did work reliably and perfectly!

  367. sandun:

    This is going to be work if you are installing Autodesk product. in the task manager end tank the Autodesk application manager. Then install the autodesk product.

  368. wayne:

    Hi Sheryl,
    i cant access start up to “disable” it

  369. Dan:

    anyone with a solution how change the start up from manual it is not highlighted. I’ve seem to have tried all the tricks above without any success

  370. Susan:

    Thank you thank you!!!
    You have helped a multitude of people since you posted this one simple (but unknown) fix back in 2008. Im thankful google still fines the old stuff.
    Susan in Alaska appreciates you Sheryl!

  371. michael alognon:

    It works perfectly!
    Thanks a lot.

  372. Albert:

    Thanks Sheryl.
    It worked like a charm!

  373. Eddy:

    thanks! it worked immediately!

  374. Lisa Hollenbeck:

    The startup type is in the gray and won’t let me change it. Any other suggestions?

  375. Michael:

    Thank you very much – can now remove progs : -)

  376. Larissa:

    I did this just as you described and it did not work for me : (

  377. abdullah:

    in the properties the startup type option is disabled what should i do

  378. akshit:

    Thanks a lot……

  379. Gilles Poulleau:

    How to deal with “another msi installation already in progress” when all others hints didn’t work :

    In the registry, the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\InProgress will point to a file located under the C:\Windows\Installer directory with an IPI extension (something like f2345.ipi).
    Note that removing the InProgess key even with the Rollback doesn’t solve anything and the key will be recreated as it was by msiexec.

    Opening this file with notepad or any text editor will show a lot of binary content but at some place you’ll find some readable text :
    3 0 8 9 9 8 1 9 – 1 9 8 8 7 3 6 7 2 0 { 6 5 C C 0 4 0 7 – 4 C C 0 – 4 A C 7 – 9 5 2 E – 3 E E F C B A 6 0 2 A } 0 [ 1 ]
    C : \ W i n d o w s \ I n s t a l l e r \ 6 9 6 f 0 . m s i

    The information which is meaningful lies in this file which is the installer for the failed installation (which blocks the other installation).

    Launching this installation (double clicking on the file) will lead to some options like install, repair or remove the product.
    Try using one of them (repair first, as it should solve the problem, then remove) in order to properly end this aborted installation.

  380. Martyn:

    Works good as a temp workaround but is no sustainable solution for the problem as upon a reboot the problem will return

  381. Someone:

    I tried this mathhod but i can’t change anything
    the process of Windows Installer takes a lot of RAM in my computer although i don’t install any software

  382. Daniel:

    This worked a treat. I was having trouble deploying an application using SCCM 2012.
    When I changed the deployment to be not hidden and allow user interaction I could see the dialogue box showing:
    Only one instance of setup may be run at a time
    What was strange was that I could install the application by running the command line – just not via SCCM.
    This solution fixed the issue. Thank you.

  383. Alexis Cantu:

    Please answer this soon.

    What if I can’t even switch the Manual to Disable? It’s there, but it won’t even let me switch it, or mess with it for that matter.

  384. Rodrigo:

    You can also do it in CMD, querying the PID and killing it, like this:

    > sc queryex msiserver

    SERVICE_NAME: msiserver
    WIN32_EXIT_CODE : 0 (0×0)
    SERVICE_EXIT_CODE : 0 (0×0)
    CHECKPOINT : 0×0
    WAIT_HINT : 0×0
    PID : 1348
    FLAGS :

    C:\Windows\system32>taskkill /F /PID 1348
    SUCCESS: The process with PID 1348 has been terminated.

  385. kuntal jodder:

    mam when i opened the windows installation properties the startup type remained uncheked…and i can not disable it.i am using windows 8.

  386. Guru bhullar:

    Dear Sheryl Canter,
    My self Guru and kindly i would like to say big thank to you for your amazing and kind help.
    I am going to have life changing job interview after few days but i was facing the same reason of Skype log in problem as other people mentioned it above, but fortunately i somehow get to see your useful info. and tried it. It didn’t work first few times but then i thought to give a last shot and i let windows installer disabled for a night and tried next day after putting it back to manual and Hurraaaaaaaaa, Skype got fixed.

    I love you for your work and helping such freak computer user like me.
    I just wanna say that normally i don’t write such comments although i did find few solutions online but for this one i couldn’t stop my self to Thank you. So Dear once i get this job, contact me i might get you some reasonable Airfare. :)

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