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Bluetooth Mouse Losing Connection No More!

Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000

Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000

I have a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 that I bought when I bought my new Thinkpad with built-in Bluetooth. At the time I was running 64-bit Vista and all was well. Then I upgraded to 64-bit Windows 7, and suddenly the mouse started constantly losing connection.

There was no detectable pattern. It would work fine for a while, and then start disconnecting all the time for no apparently reason. Sometimes it would not wake up after sleeping, but sometimes it would quit while I was using it. At first I got it going again by removing the mouse from the list of Bluetooth devices and then adding it back in. That took too much time. Then, by accident, I discovered that I could wake it up by opening my Bluetooth settings and toggling the checkbox “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer”. If it was off I’d turn it on, if it was on I’d turn it off. That was faster, but still a pain.

I searched the internet and found many similar complaints, but no solutions. Several sites suggested upgrading your Bluetooth drivers. There’s no new driver for the Microsoft mouse, but I updated the Thinkpad Bluetooth drivers. No joy. Then the other day the mouse started quitting on me every few minutes and in desperation I searched again. This time I found the answer. There are two separate settings that need to be changed.

Bluetooth Support Service Setting

Part 1 of the solution is buried in this Microsoft Knowledgebase article:

Connect a Bluetooth device that does not have or require a transceiver

And I quote:

How to make sure that the Bluetooth service is started

  1. Open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in for Services. To do this, follow these steps.


    Windows Vista or Windows 7

    1. Click StartVista Start Button, copy and then paste (or type) the following command in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER: services.msc
    2. In the Programs list, click Services.

      Security Shield
      If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.

    Windows XP

    1. Click Start, and then click Run.
    2. Copy and then paste (or type) the following command in the Open box, and then press ENTER: services.msc
  2. Double-click the Bluetooth Support service.
  3. If the Bluetooth Support service is stopped, click Start.
  4. On the Startup type list, click Automatic.
  5. Click the Log On tab.
  6. Click Local System account.
  7. Click OK.
  8. If you prompted to restart the computer, click Yes.

My log on settings were okay, but my Startup Type was set to “Manual” rather than “Automatic”. I changed it, like so:

Bluetooth Support Services Properties

Bluetooth Power Management Setting

But sadly, my problem wasn’t solved. So then I tried something else. I opened up Device Manager, expanded “Bluetooth Radios”, and double-clicked on the device to open its Properties page – not the enumerator, the device.

Double click the device (highlighted), not the enumerator

Double click the device (highlighted), not the enumerator

Go to the Power Management page and clear the checkbox “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. And finally, relief! No more disconnects. Apparently there is a bug in the power management of the Bluetooth driver under Windows 7.

Uncheck 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'

Uncheck 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'

I can’t say for sure that the first step of making the Bluetooth Support Service automatic is necessary, or just turning off power management would fix it. It doesn’t hurt to change it to automatic so I didn’t test this. If you test it, post your results. Are both changes needed, or do you just need to turn off power management to stop losing connection?

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  1. JLPicard:

    Hi and thanks for the tip!!
    I also have a bluetooth mouse (It isn’t a branded one, it’s chinese….) and I had the same issue.
    Actually it works even disabling only the power management setting in bluetooth device properties (I’m running Windows 7 over a Macbook with Boot Camp 3.1 drivers).
    Thanks a lot !!!

  2. Sheryl Canter:

    Thanks for the feedback. I suspected it was just a power management problem. I’ve noticed that the mouse still goes to sleep after a period of no use, though I turned this off in the Bluetooth settings. That means something else is implementing power management in the mouse. I suspect the two masters were conflicting with each other, and that’s what caused the problem. I don’t know where the other controller is, though. I didn’t see anything in the mouse settings. Maybe it’s in the mouse hardware itself?

  3. David Temple:

    I am having the same issue on a Thinkpad x200s, but with Windows XP Service Pack 3. On XP, I don’t find a Power Management tab on the bluetooth device properties. Is there somewhere else I should look for a similar power setting?

  4. DirtHerder:

    I have the same issue as David Temple. I do not seem to have this Power Management Tab. Though I do have these issues with my bluetooth mouse. I also would appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thanks.

  5. Sheryl Canter:

    If you don’t have the power management tab, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not running XP.

  6. DirtHerder:

    I’m actually running Windows 7

  7. Sheryl Canter:

    If you’re running Windows 7 on a Thinkpad (exactly what I’m running) and you don’t see the Power Management tab, then update your Thinkpad Bluetooth drivers. That’s what I did. There’s a built-in utility on the Thinkpad that searches for new drivers.

  8. John Ferguson:

    When my Bluetooth goes capute, there is no reference to BT in Device Mgr

  9. ELloyd:

    I had disconnection issues too and did everything that Sheryl advised above. Still no luck, in fact within 15 seconds of the mouse being installed, it uninstalled itself. The solution turned out to be very simple thanks to a very smart techno friend …… I was using rechargeable batteries in the mouse and they are only 1.2v; a bluetooth mouse requires 1.5v to drive it.
    Ah, if only all problems were so simple!

  10. Jay:

    This worked! I did have to remove my mouse and then reconect it before it started working again.

  11. gamma:

    Hi Sheryl,

    Thank you so much for your help – it worked for me! I was just about to return the mouse to the store when I found your article. I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit on Acer 1810T.

    Once I made the service auto-start mouse started working without loosing connectivity. Prior to that, it would work fine, but go to sleep after just 1 min of inactivity. It would reconnect automatically, but only after couple of seconds of moving it around. It was unusable.

    Making the service auto-start, made the other option available for unchecking – “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. Prior to that it was disabled. Go figure.

    Option “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer” is left unchecked on my machine. Hope this helps.

    This mouse is almost perfect for my notebook, except for a noisy scroll wheel – especially when scrolling up. Is that something all of you guys experience or I got a lemon?

    Now, does anyone know how to configure thumb button to be something else other than back. I usually set it Ctrl-F4 on my other mice. This mouse is not configurable through IntelliPoint 7.1 – it’s not even listed there so there’s no way to do it. I tried a lot of stuff to no avail. I’m looking for some registry entry. I know that are 3rd party software packages, but would like to solve this cleanly. Thanks in advance.

  12. Andy Kim:

    I had the same problem. I applied this solution so I will find out if this really fixes the problem but it seems promising so far. thank you!

  13. Simon Norton:

    I also had this problem, after applying these changes, I still had the issue. The device would install, and then almost immediately disappear from the devices window. I also noticed the pairing-mode LED never stopped flashing on my mouse (Sony VGP-BMS10).

    I ended up uninstalling the bluetooth device from the device manager and letting it reinstall itself after a reboot. It took 20 minutes to go through windows update for all of the services, but the issue is fixed now!

  14. Terrol Williams:

    Help! I can’t get it fixed. I went through the MS tech document described above and after I changed my Bluetooth Services Logon to “Local Systems Account” I can’t get it to even see the mouse at all! I changed the power management setting as described and I am more frustrated than I can say.

    I am running Windows 7 32 bit and have the same mouse. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the bluetooth device. Is it possible to reset the “Bluetooth Services logon back to what it was before I switched it to Local Systems Account? I think maybe the power management setting might have fixed the problem if only I hadn’t essentially killed all bluetooth devices by changing that setting.


  15. Wai Yip Tung:

    Thank you. Unchecking the “Allow the computer to turn off the device” works for me. This problem have bugged me for so long.

    Also in my case I do it under the “Generic Bluetooth Adapter” instead of the “ThinkPad Bluetooth 2.1″ device. My computer have no such device despite it being a ThinkPad also.

  16. Bart:

    I have a new Sony Vaio laptop (Windows 7) and Logitech BT mouse, this was happening all the time. Clearing the “Power Management” checkbox as suggested above seems to have solved the problem. Thanks for the helpful tip.

  17. Steve:

    It worked for me – I’ve been using rechargeable batteries for months with htis problem. Have to shake the mouse and swipe the touchpad to get the mouse to wake up. Now it stays awake nearly all the time. On Vista couldn’t find power settings to keep system from making mouse sleep. But seems to work a lot better. Thaaaaaankssss!!!!

  18. Steve:

    And I dragged out my multimeter and checked some standard batteries (not rechargeable) that I thought were dead and found a few that had 1.5v on them still. Thanks again.

    It was great to get this dang mouse working (was quite an investment with the NetGear dongle too). I wrestled with BT SW package failing installs for months just to get BT to load the mouse drivers. Then the intermittent connection problem made me put the BT mouse back in a drawer for a few more months. But after reading this, it’s fixed and I’ll be using it everyday.

  19. Big problem:

    Hei and thanks for this information to try to solve all of our problems :)
    I followed the instructions and now my internal Blutooth can’t discover anything. I have been using it before to connect to my phone and other computers so I know how to work it. But when I did all of those things that you say on this website it stopped working :(
    I tried to reverse it with no luck.
    My system is Asus 1215n 12.1 inch netbook. Running windows 7 32 bit.
    I tried to uninstall the Bluetooth adapter and when I restarted the computer it just installed it automatically again. But it still does not work. I can find my computer on my phone but I can’t connect to it and my phone can find and connect to my mouse so it is the computers fault somehow.

  20. Kay:

    I had the same problem as Big Problem. Nothing showed up in “show bluetooth devices” even tho I had several headsets and a phone paired, even the mouse didn’t show up, although it worked. Also, could not pair to anything. Tried to reinstall several things but finally got everything back the way it was by using system restore to back up a month. I always forget about system restore when I have problems!

    I just unchecked the “allow the computer to allow this device to sleep” option again to see if the problem reoccurs. So far, so good.

  21. JZ:

    So far so good. I’m a bit confused since this hasn’t happend with my plantronis BT headset. Might be some odd combo of the mouse and the controllers.

  22. vizzy:

    the ibm /lenovo bt lasermouse is trash.
    i had this mouse running in linux loosing it connection every 3 minutes or so…. this is bad.
    problem also occurs in windows.

    other noname bt mices wont disconnect that many. so save your money and dont buy that expensive and heavy bt mouse!

  23. Tommy:

    OK people stop and think your pc cannot find bluetooth devices that are not in DISCOVERY mode. If your device disaapears after doing this re-pair it with the pc.

  24. gelangenie:

    Totally awesome! Thank you, thank you!

  25. Charlene:

    Thanks so much for the tip! I just bought my bluetooth mouse yesterday and I was thinking of returning it because I thought it was broken. I had the same problem with the disconnection on Windows 7. Thanks again! Hopefully mine won’t disconnect this time.

  26. Artur:

    When I did it, I’ve got a new problem: new devices are not discover anymore.
    Please help to solve.

  27. Jacob:

    Thanks. That did the trick (ThinkPad W510 Win7-64 and ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse).

    Now if only I could figure out why the cursor jumps around (yes, I turned off the NavPad).



  28. davelueders:

    There is no Power Management tab in any bluetoothe item under device manager, and now I can no longer see any bluetooth devices after changing the Log On as suggested in the fix description.

    Now what do we do ?

  29. Sonny:

    @davelueders: I got the same prob as you.. lost all the devices and WiFi started to act crazy.. simply go to service.msc like directed in the blog and revert log on tab back to as it was. Thats is “This account” in the text bix enter “Local Service” without the “” and in password Local Service and you’re good to go. I have a CSR usb btooth radio and do not see the power mgmt tab too in dev mgr. I however removed my a4tech btooth mouse and my Nokia e90 phone from the bluetooth devices and then reinstalled the mouse first and then the phone and both are working great so far. Hope this helps!!

  30. Sonny:

    @Jacob: The cursor might be jumping around because the ouse might not be designed on the surface you are using it on. It might be too dark, too white, or maybe a glass table? Try different sufaces or getting a mouse pad if you are not using one to see where the mouse works best. Hope this helps!

  31. Sonny:

    @Artur: The bluetooth stops discovering any and all devices by following this method in certain cases despite having all the discovery options on in bluetooth settings. (Happened to me). Solution is to revert the service log in settings to as they were. As I directed to davelueders above. Thanks!

  32. Sonny:

    TO EVERYONE WHO LOST BTOOTH Devices after following this method:

    I’m guessing you all did not have Power Management tab under your bluetooth device in the Device Manager like me and most of you are using an external Bluetooth dongle like me. If you lost all the bluetooth devices and discovery. Just revert the Bluetooth Support service settings to as they were.

    1) Press “Windows Logo” on your keyboard and type services.msc.. Press Enter or Return.
    2) Find the Bluetooth Support Service in the Services window and double click it
    3) Click the Log on tab
    4) Click the “This Account” combo button
    5) In the empty text box type: Local Service (or press browse and then type local service in the “Enter object name to select” box an press Check name.. if name is correct it will be underlined if not then type carefully again and press ok).
    6) In password and confirm pword boxes type Local Service again
    7) Apply and OK.

    Hope this helps for everyone!!

  33. NANA10:

    I have some problem, my CSR Dogle Blutooth can’t discover MS Mouse Wireless Presenter 8000 in Windows 7 again, unfortunately I can’t restore my system back.
    How to fix that problem?


  34. Hinano:

    I changed only the power management setting and it worked like a charm for my Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000. It doesn’t cut out in the middle of using it like it used to. Fortunately, I haven’t seen it consume batteries any faster so that’s a plus. Thank you for the tip, been looking for a while for it. =)

  35. AlexB:

    Thanks a Lot!
    It Solved the problem for my Laptop Too!
    Dell Vostro 3450
    Intel Wireless 1030 802.11b/g/n + Bluetooth v3.0 Combo Card

    combo WiFi/Bluetooth adapter from Broadcom
    Bluetooth Combo Card

    microsoft bluetooth notebook mouse 5000 Combo WiFi disconnecting

    Bluetooth Power Management Setting(In Device Manager)!

  36. GhaV:

    IF this worked which I won’t know until later then this is the single greatest thing to happen to me since… Linux. I never had this problem in Ubuntu and I knew it was a Windows issue not my laptop. My HP laptop has built in Bluetooth and this solution makes perfect sense. Windows 7 eats up the battery anyway I don’t know why it would try and “save battery life” by cutting bluetooth. BLUETOOTH IS IMPORTANT to my phone especially. Sometimes I don’t feel like connecting wires. One less worry when I connect my Wiimote at night.

  37. Marcio:

    Work fine for me, with my Mouse 5D Wireless (Bluetooth) !!

    Funcionou bem pra mim com meu Mouse e uso um modulo interno bluetooth da foxconn no sony vaio

  38. FK:


  39. Eric:

    I had exactly the same issues of losing the mouse control.
    I checked the services which were already were well customized.
    The disable of the power management settings solved my problem.
    Many thanks for the tip.

  40. WooHoo!!:

    Thanks for the info! I too was getting sick of the mouse cutting out and was beginning to think there wasn’t a real solution. But this worked for me and now I can go back to getting my work done!

  41. Dmitriy R:

    I am glad i found this thread, I was about to return my BT mouse 5000 back to Microsoft. So now I have hope that my mouse isn’t defective and some software checking can make it working good.

  42. Jim:

    i just re-imaged my corporate lappy to upgrade from Vista to Win7. Thank God I bookmarked your article. I made your recommended changes in Vista and had to do the very same thing in Win7. It saved me from launching my BT mouse into orbit from the frustration. THANKS!!!

  43. koller16:

    THANKS A LOT!!!!! I did this and now my Razer Orochi is working perfectly, just in case I did all the changes but I think only changing the power management option it would work, not easy to find a fix to this simple but annoying problem!!! thanks again!!!

  44. Mason:

    This worked perfectly! Marry me.

  45. Brad:

    WOW!!! This solution worked for me on my Microsoft 6000 Mobile Keyboard. (Which, out of gratitude for you, I’m am writing this comment.)

    This not only solved the very annoying frequent disconnection problem, but it also cut the wake up lag considerably. It now only takes about 2 seconds to wake up. And now I can type fast and furiously with total confidence that my keyboard is going to keep working instead of disconnecting.


  46. Fink:

    Thanks a lot!

    I have just bought a new mouse today and got the same problem after a little while. My bt service settings was correct, but not the power management settings.
    The strange thing is that I have had my computer for almost 2 years and haven’t had any problems until now. Thought that my bt device was broken

    But this solved the problem, thanks!

  47. Stephen Aberle:

    Thank you for the tip! It worked perfectly and has ended a long time frustration for me.

  48. Lindsay Porter:

    Made all the changes you suggested – wonderful because it now works perfectly. what a relief! Many thanks.

  49. Ranj:

    I followed the instructions, clicked restart service. Done.

    I have been trying for days to get my bluetooth mouse working (Belkin comfort Mouse).
    It installed, then dissappeared. Couldnt find it when trying to install again.
    I read somewhere to do the opposite of what Sonny said. Which did not work.

    Anyways, I just want to thank you SONNY! Lifesaver.

  50. Nina:

    Thank you soooo much!
    What a relief :-)

  51. Rykel Lim:

    I have the same problem as Terrol Williams after changing the “Startup Type” to “Local System Logon” – my system cannot detect the mouse anymore.

    I am also now wondering HOW I can reset the setting to its original value??


  52. C Gran:

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been looking for the solution and kind of embarresed I didn’t find it myself.

  53. shah:

    Thank you.solve my problem.Simple setting but big impact.
    Good job bro.God bless you.

  54. Corey:

    Hi Sheryl,

    Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to post this solution. Like you, I have been removing my microsoft mobile keyboard 6000 from the bluetooth device list only to add it back in and it was becoming really annoying. So far, using your suggestions for a permanent fix, I haven’t had to do this. Awesome :)

    Thanks again!

  55. Dave:

    I have a Dell Latitude 430 (running XP) that I just got a Dell Travel bluetooth mouse for. The mouse took forever to get established. When I try to “check for devices” the laptop doesn’t find it. I spent a half-hour on the phone with a tech to get it to work. Well, now everytime I close the notebook, it seems to lose the connection with the mouse. I have to click on the blutooth icon in the systray, thankfully the mouse still shows up there. Then it prompts me for the passcode (four zeros) and it reestablishes the connection. Its gettinf real irritating having to plug in a usb mouse to get my BT mouse to work everytime. All the above posts talk about Vista and 7. I cannot find any power management for this mouse in XP. its not in the device manager, its not in the properties for the mouse itself either. I was able to do the whole bluetooth support services and mine was already on automatic, but the second step, Log-On, I had to switch to my local system account. Anybody with XP have any answer to this?

  56. Dave:

    Oh, I forgot, the mouse did come with a cdrom, but my notebook doesn’t have anyplace to put it!!! What good does it do me if I can’t run it on the notebook?

  57. Dave:

    Well, I’m not sure how I did it, but I activated something called a Bluetooth Information Exchanger. It is the very last thing to load on start-up / waking from sleep mode, but once the icon pops onto the desktop, the mouse works.

  58. Cameron:

    Sheryl, as they say here in Australia, you’re a bloody legend – I had just thrown my mouse across the desk in frustration (desperately working on a massive spreadsheet for a customer bid) and decided I had to fix this once and for all. Google popped up your blog and I realised you had exactly the same set up as me (with the exception that my bluetooth mouse is a Lenovo brand). So far it’s been 20 mins with no drop outs – A MILLION THANK YOUs for taking the time to publish this! It’s people like you that make the internet such a fantastic resource. Thanks.

  59. Fred:

    thanks for your help. Your instructions seem to have helped. Im up and running with my lenovo mouse and lenovo computer and they are not disconnecting like before. The imput from your other posters also helped as I had to make a few adjustments to get things to work.


  60. Cary:

    I followed the steps and now I can’t get the mouse to work at all!

    I have dell latitude e5520 and a microsoft 5000 mouse. The discovery works, and windows says it installs the device, but the light on the mouse never stops flashing from red to green. grrr!

  61. Mike:

    You rock, this is great. I was so annoyed with the bluetooth disconnection. I’ve posted this on a couple of the Lenovo forums as well so others over there can find it easily too (a lot of the posters had just given up and gotten a wired mouse haha)

    Great find, thanks!

  62. Bluetooth File Transfer in Windows 7:

    If you turn your mouse or trackpad off or turn off the Bluetooth option in your computer, the connection between the computer and the mouse or trackpad will be lost. When you turn on the mouse or trackpad and Bluetooth, you can re-establish this connection by simply clicking the mouse button or trackpad surface.

  63. SK:

    I have similar issue with HP Vostro 3400 but this looks working for my bluetooth problem.
    My mouse MS5000 either and now it work fine till now.
    Thanks for your information.

  64. Dave:

    Great tip. I’ve been having problems with the mouse for over a year, many times just restarting Windows to fix the issue.
    Today, after yet another disconnect, I searched for a solution (as I’d done before to no avail) and found this.
    As soon as I disabled the power management, my mouse sprung back to life!
    A thousand thanks!

  65. Tim:

    Great ! Thank you very much. I’ve searched a lot for the solution. Mine is a new Sony viao with windows 7 and a Vaio Bluetooth mouse. It worked great with my old vaio laptop, but not with this one. I was really disappointed with it until you pointed me in the right direction.

  66. Shirish:

    Thank you! Thank You!

  67. Alex RM:

    Hi, I have the problem with Acer IconiaTab W500 and Microsoft Mouse 5000.
    I change the BT service from manual to automatic but nothing changed.
    I don’t have the power management tab in the device manager item properties.
    I searched for a new driver on Acer support site but is the same that was installed, without the power monagement tab!!

    Someone can suggest a solution??


  68. Kate:

    AH JEEZ!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you :) !

    I’ve got a Razer Orochi Laptop Gaming mouse that I use for work and of course for fun and I love the size and weight and precision of it but I was totally all set to throw it out a window until I found this, so you saved me the cost of my window, and my mouse :)

  69. Mario:


    After replacing my Hard Drive (they don’t last forever) I am finding that my Sony VAIO recovery disk (Windows XP Professional) does not include a BlueTooth file when I run and open the services.msc list. I believe I have downloaded every available update in this regard but clearly I am missing some aspect of files since my Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 is not being “discovered” – nor do I know how to find the appropriate software program to aid me in this regard. Any ideas?


  70. aspirant:

    Thank you for this article, it helped fix the issue I had with my BT mouse.

  71. Sam:

    I also lost mouse connectivity and cannot discover anymore after applying the changes. Sonny’s tips fixed my problem – I changed logon account to “Local Service” and password to “Local Service” (note it’s case sensitive). then restarted all Bluetooth services and it works.

  72. Hannu:

    Sonny, a huge thank you. How did u come up with the solution? Spent hours installing and hunting new drivers to connect my Nokia phone with bluetooth. Maybe now i can dig my bluetooth laser mouse up again, i abandoned it a while ago since lost patience with this bluetooth problem in Windows 7.

  73. Brian Gibb:

    This worked perfectly to solve my problem.

  74. Agila:

    It helps and it doesn’t help!

    Helps: Some time ago I had this “Bluetooth Mouse Loosing Connection” problem with a Logitech BT mouse and my new Win 7 HP notebook. I removed the tick for “Allow the computer to turn of this device to save power” and presto: Problem gone. Good job Sheryl!

    Doesn’t help: I recently built a new Win 7 rig bases on an Asus P8P67 motherboard, which has build in Bluetooth. Exactly the same problem with a Microsoft BT Laser Mouse 8000 as well as with the Microsoft BT Entertainment Keyboard 7000. So, piece of cake: just remove mentioned power saving tickbox. But… no such option in this BT Driver!! Others mentioned also not having such option on their PC. Would anyone have a suggestions? Is their a registry entry to control this power save option?

    I would be very happy if I could solve this annoying problem!

    Best alternative so far: using my ’spare’ wired mouse, click the BT icon in the system tray and click the “turn adaptor off” option. This does not actually turn it off, but in some way restores the connection.

    Thanks in advance!

  75. NtheCloud:

    Finally!!!! Up till now, I have not heard of a single explanation or solution that makes any sense for resolving this issue. Thank you for posting

  76. Agila:

    Update: Asus support concludes that the board is defective and even though it is brand new, I should expect ~6 weeks repair time. Not a realistic advice, sorry to say, disappointing support.

    I have updated the driver to version (no improvement).

    IMHO the problem is related to power management of the BT hardware/driver. I’m using the Win 7 standard ‘high performance’ power plan. I noticed some improvement by disabling the “USB selective suspend setting” (Control Panel/Power Options/High Performance/change plan settings/Change advance power settings/USB Settings/USB selective suspend/Disable/Apply)

    Perhaps I should try another BT dongle with a driver offering the ‘power saving’ tickbox on driver level.

    Please comment!

  77. sam:

    works perfectly !!!! thanks man!!!!

  78. Steven See:

    I am so thankful to your tip. It works like magic!

  79. BobBataviaIL:

    Once again, my MS 5000 BT mouse went away -in mid motion- and wouldn’t return. I started searching and discovered this most helpful blog.
    After about 30 minutes of reading, something caused me to realize that my bluetooth phone was laying next to my laptop and was probably searching for my car speakerphone. Shortly after I turned off the phone, the MS5000 starts working again. Could be co-incidence, it’s started working spontaneously after such a length of time.

    A curious side note, I noticed that when I moved the MS5000, the cursor (which did not move) would occasionally change shape briefly as if an otherwise invisible cursor was intersecting with its position on the screen. Could it be that Win7 is still connected to the mouse, receiving signals, but simply not moving the cursor? This is consistent Win7 diagnostics which say the connection is OK – just no cursor movement. I wonder if there is a way such interference could disconnect received signals from video movement? Next time I’ll poke at it more.

    I will implement your powersaver tweak (which I was delighted to discover – and THANK YOU), but first I want to see if there is a Bluetooth interference issue.
    Any thoughts?

  80. James:

    I did this tweek and the odd thing is it seems to disconnect more frequently now. My phone is right next to the laptop so I will try turning off the BT on it.

  81. James:

    Ah… and I did not reboot my Samsung RF511 Laptop. Should I have done a reboot?

  82. James:

    I switched from Automatic to Manual and don’t seem to have any issues yet. I am turning my phones BT back on.

  83. James:

    Last question: Should the Allow service to interact with desktop be checked?

    [U]“Log On” Tab[U][/U]
    Log On As
    (*) Local System account
    [ ] Allow service to interact with desktop.

  84. James:

    [U] Oops [/U] still no interruptions of service when set to Manual and the phone BT is on.

  85. Matt:

    Thanks!! Worked a treat.

  86. Alex:

    This was driving me crazy and it now works fine – Thank you!

  87. Tom Young:

    I have one in travel bag, and two at desktop locations with the Lenovo X61 and UltraBase. I’ve had four of the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 and three quit working over time, so it’s the mouse not the driver. Too bad because the mouse is perfect otherwise.

  88. Barry Gardiner:

    Thank you. This is brilliant because I was becoming incredibly frustrated with the mouse not waking up or disappearing completely. The key seems to be switching off the option to allow the computer to turn off the device to save power. I don’t think it is normally necessary to change the Bluetooth Service options as well.

    If you have a Dell BT Travel Mouse (actually a Logitech mouse) then the Setpoint Utility available from Logitech is really helpful to set up the mouse how you wish. It can be downloaded at

  89. Dave Leger:

    If this works you get my hero of the year award! This has been driving me up the wall for about a year now!

  90. Darius:

    Hi all,

    I have a bluetooth (no transceiver) mouse problem on Windows XP SP3. For a long time all worked great, but one day all of a sudden my PC gave a double “device disconnetting” sound and my bluetooth mouse stopped working. Bluetooth sign on the bluetooth systray icon turned white from green. Bluetooth support service also disappeared from the services.msc. When I choose the “add a bluetooth device” from the systray bluetooth icon, the computer detects my mouse and says that device connected to my computer. But nothing happens. Fortunately, I have dual-boot system, so I started Windows 7. There my mouse was also not functional. Then, having opened “devices and priinters” section in Control Panel, I removed my mouse ftom the device list and added it again. Voila – it started working! I restarted to XP (which is much faster on my tiny Sony Vaio P) and everything perfect – mouse works, service in place. But this began happening time by time and I am tired of conducting this nearly half-an-hour-consuming operation. Right now I applied the suggestion I found here to disable the power-saving turnoff of the device on Windows 7 and will see if that solves my problem. But what if I had no Windows 7 on my PC? Even clean XP reinstall would probably not solve my problem?? ‘Cause when the mouse and service is lost on XP, it also stops functioning on W7. Fortunately, there is a way, however long, on W7 to start the bluetooth mouse again. Could somebody suggest a way to revive my mouse within Windows XP?? Thanks a lot for patience, and sorry for being unable to talk briefly :) .

  91. Darius:

    Here, just a couple hours after mouse revival this happened again, and disabling power-saving turnoff in windows 7 didn’t help… :(

  92. Tim:

    Thanks, it worked like a charm!

  93. Darren:

    So far, so good. I love this little mouse (though not the deteriorated rubbery grip, which I’ve since fixed by scraping clean and gluing on leather instead), so having it stop being so flaky is AWESOME.

    Thank you!

  94. Maarten:


    I did the above, but now my bluetooth does not detect my mouse anymore/
    This thing is driving me crazy.
    Could it be the following?

    “Click the Log On tab.
    Click Local System account.”

    I can’t put it back to what it was.

    Appreciate your help..

  95. Sheryl Canter:

    That’s the correct setting. I just bought a new computer (Thinkpad, Win7) and another Microsoft Notebook Bluetooth Mouse 5000 (I really like these mice) and I set up the new computer the same way – works perfectly. Also, that’s the default – I didn’t have to change anything. Only the automatic starting had to be changed.

    It sounds like your mouse just isn’t paired. Go into Control Panel, click the Mouse applet, and pair the Mouse. Make sure it has batteries, it’s on, etc.

  96. Adventure Capitalist:

    @Sonny, Thanks a bunch! My Bluetooth stopped recognizing *any* device. Your fix worked on my Fujitsu Lifebook T5010. @Sheryl, thanks for the original advice. The keyboard automatically rediscovers now!

  97. Shep:

    Thanks for the bluetooth disappearing mouse fix.
    I tried unchecking the power save option and my mouse immediately was resuscitated so I don’t think you need to have services set to automatic at least for my problem but I changed it anyway to automatic.

    Thanks again


  98. Dave Leonard:

    Thanks for this post, you saved me a lot of time trying to troubleshoot this problem.

  99. Richard:

    Brilliant! Thanks for the tip. I’ve just bought myself my first Bluetooth mouse for Windows 7 and it was disconnecting after only a few seconds of inactivity – very annoying. Unchecking the ‘Allow this computer to turn device off…’ option immediately fixed my problem.

    Many thanks for posting this tip… I was about to chuck my barnd new mouse in the bin!

  100. Nitin:

    Thanks a ton, found your blog after a lot of search, but thank goodness i did….hopefully everything will work fine…thanks again

  101. Tim:

    Changing the “Log On” broke Bluetooth discovery for me on Windows 7 64-bit. Doing everything else, but leaving the login as “Local Service” seems to have helped.

  102. Pat:

    Thanks so much! Worked great! I had checked the Microsoft and Dell websites to no avail. I was ready to return the mouse. Thanks again!

  103. Burak Borhan:

    Hi Sheryl,

    Appreciate the info you have shared.. It was a major issue for me.. and I hope that it’s solved forever now!

  104. KingBombo:

    I can’t tell you how greatful I am for this post. I was at my wits end. The apple magic mouse was working fine until I ran some add-on applications for it and reinstalled the radios in device manager. At that point, I got blue screened, then the mouse would show up in device manager for about 30 seconds before disappearing again. Very nice work. The only difference to your instructions was that I kept the logon settings as-is for the service.

  105. Brett:

    Awesome, thank you very much! My settings were exactly like yours — manual Bluetooth Support Service and the Bluetooth Radio was set to allow the computer to turn it off for power management. I’ve changed it now, and so far, so good.

  106. Cath:

    2 years later and they still haven’t fixed it!! This seems to have been my problem as well. Thank you for providing such clear and specific instructions!!!!!!

  107. Justin:

    Thank You! This saves me a lot of headaches and wasted time…

  108. Peter Barwich:

    With USB dongles it seems you don’t get a power management tab in the bluetooth radio. Instead look in your device manager for “Universal serial bus controllers”, open it up and find “USB root hub” (there may be more than one). In properties for the root hub there IS a Power Management tab. Don’t let the computer turn it off

  109. marco:

    Perfect!! Great article!! Solved my problem!! thanks!!!

  110. Leo:

    Peter Barwich: What do you do if there is more than one, uncheck them all??

  111. Brian O:

    You rule my friend!
    You turned this mouse into the one I loved to hate to the one I love love love!!

  112. nimco:

    thanks for the life/mouse saving tip, i was about to through a brand new M$ mouse away… couldn’t find any documentation about it…

  113. Chuwy:

    I have an M17x laptop and a Razer Orochi BT mouse. It worked fine for about 2 years and now it is dropping. I changed the batteries first, it worked for a while then continued to drop. I will add to the DEVICES AND PRINTERS window and then within 30 seconds it changes images from a mouse to a keyboard and then instantly drops from the list. I have tried the above fixe and no go. This mouse has only operated on two computers but the first one was last used a year ago and since then it has worked, well up untill now.
    If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Thank you all.

  114. Frank:

    Thanks much, Sheryl. This solved the Bluetooth keyboard disconnect problem with my 2011 Fujitsu Windows 7 tablet (I hope).

  115. JD:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I don’t really know if this will fix it yet or not, as it was working when I did it, but I am guessing it will. I too have the Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 mouse and it stops working with Win 7 all the time! It was fine on Vista. I have been looking for a fix forever and finally stumbled upon this one!

  116. Russell:

    Hi Sheryl,
    You are a legend! I have a Bluetooth 5000 mouse that used to work fine with my old laptop on XP. It has been nothing but a pain on my new laptop running Windows7 (keeps disconnecting). I have been searching for ages for a fix and finally found your blog. The changes to the power management setting sorted my disconnection issues out. Thanks so much.

  117. Kostiantyn:

    Thank you! I had the same issue running 8000 mouse on Windows 8.

  118. Jeffrey:

    My issue is a little different, although the advice contained on this page was a help when first using my Microsoft Mouse. So it was working at one time. Here is what I did.

    I have an HP Envy 14 and had been using my Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 Mouse for several months without issue. I go a new job and was given an HP ProBook 4535s and for some reason I though it would be nice to pair to the new notebook. No problem – right. So I deleted the mouse from the devices list on the Envy, and added it to the Probook. Used it on the Probook for most of the day without issues. Then I wanted to go back to using it on my old HP Envy notebook, so I deleted the mouse from the devices list on the HP Probook, I went to re-pair it and it would not detect ANYTHING!!! I thought, OK, I would just go back to using it on the HP Probook, but after I deleted the mouse from the devices list, it started doing the SAME THING.

    Then I found some advice while searching for a solution that seem to indicate that the one or more of the bluetooth services needed to be run as a local service instead of local system on the Log On tab. That fixed the ability of the Bluetooth service to detect and display devices, but when I went to have it re-detect the mouse, it would not display the mouse, on either system. I tried other things, like disabling the firewall, disabling the A/V software, and even updating the bluetooth driver – nothing would allow the mouse to be detected so I could pair it. But just the mouse – all other bluetooth devices work fine.

    I then tried a little experiment, and booted both systems on a Live CD copy of Ubuntu Linux. I tried pairing the mouse with each system, and viola! It worked! So my issues are not hardware related, they seem to be Windows 7 related.

    Do you have any advice for my Windows 7 issues, other than reload Windows?



  119. Sheryl Canter:

    Maybe the mouse wasn’t completely removed when you unpaired it, and some remnants remain. Try going into Device Manager and selecting “Show hidden devices” from the View menu. Does it show up? If it does, try deleting it, and then re-pairing.

    - Sheryl

  120. seraphine:

    thank you so much! my mouse disconnecting every couple of days was frustrating indeed. I had this problem two years ago but couldn’t remember how to fix it. The amazing thing– why don’t the people that make these things fix such obvious bugs? i mean, two years later, it’s still borked???

  121. Yorik Kudos:

    Hello, I use a Bluetooth dongle on a Windows 7 PC with the wireless keyboard, the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad. The keyboard works fine but I have issues with the mouse as well as with the trackpad. Tried everything but nothing has solved it so far.

    Mouse & Trackpad sometimes work flawless for minutes and then suddenly they have drop outs where the mouse pointer moves and stops moving while in use or just moves very slow, then moves faster again and it can also happen that it stops moving in one direction completely while it does move in other directions. This can’t be a matter of hardware being idle or asleep.

    What ever the reason might be, I HATE APPLE for not offering a USB wired trackpad without Bluetooth. And I HATE APPLE for not offering a USB wired small keyboard. Forget about the mouse, I’m at the stage where I could throw all the devices out of the window! Just imagine the amount of batteries in this world each year, no matter if rechargeable or not, which have to be produced and later be thrown away. I HATE APPLE for that and regret to have bought the wireless devices.

  122. Andrew:

    Thank you!!! You`ve saved my new year present :) My Razer Orochi reappeared just after i cleared the checkbox and pushed OK :)

  123. Les:

    Power management changed. Local Service changed. 1.2v batteries the same type I have been using for three years. Only thing different since this started happening was a system crash, hard drive replacement and reinstall of Windows 7 64 bit. Now even my internet goes out. Any suggestions? Thanks…

  124. Vinh Le:

    A huge THANK YOU to you Sheryl as I have been trying all sort of tricks on my Win 7 64 bit.

    I almost gave up searching for solution after nearly year then voilla stumbled across your blog and the problem fixed.

    I hate wired mouse and thought bluetooth was the most convenient way of packing a mouse in your bag without having to worry about the other dongo bit!

  125. Donovan:

    Thanks, it worked finally!!! They should but this on the Microsoft website where it would be easier for people to find

  126. Chris:

    Fingers crossed. Thanks for the post. I have a Razer Orochi bluetooth mouse that I absolutely love. But at least once a day I would loose connection and have to restart computer or remove device and re-add device. I’m confident this will solve my issue.

  127. Dave:

    Isn’t it ironic that to find this solution you need to Google it, such h howling error by Microsoft to set the services to manual and not automatic by default. And not change this in one of their many updates or have the explanation on the Microsoft web site, just shows how lame windows 7 is, just check out the date of most of the drivers some are dated 2004 ! Yes before windows 7 was developed, windows 7 ‘IS’ Windows XP (c2002) and the few service packs, but with a few whistles and bells > Its the same operating systems !!! under a different name they have just taken another 100 dollars off you for it. It was rushed out because Vista was such a disaster. It has no Bluray support at all, Bluray was not new in 2009 when Win7 was rolled out. The fact you buy a microsoft bluetooth mouse and it does not work with your microsoft operating system just proves what a pisspoor company it is, most of the things it makes does not work properly. Hands up how many people you know have had to return their XBox under warranty ? not thousands – millions of consoles. Its very simple why everyone has so many problems with Bluetooth on Windows, its because it does not support it properly. If you want to avoid stress and frustration don’t buy MS I can only warn you.

  128. Omer:

    Just encountered the problem first with Windows 8 on Dell Latitude E4310, and it drove me nuts since the notebook mouse 5000 worked perfect on windows 7 OOB without any modifications. Happy i found this article, solved my problem.

    Thank you Sheryl!

  129. Malcolm:

    Adding my voice to the many thanking Sheryl for this blog. After failing to get my new Bluetooth mouse to work on my Toshiba Portege notebook I realised the Bluetooth Stack and Manager software had been uninstalled on it, even after downloading them from Toshiba’s website the mouse didn’t work. Well, it seemed to for a short while then sort of faded out again. I googled the problem, found the blog then tried Sheryl’s trick of unticking the box “allow this computer to turn off the mouse to save power” (which is well hidden, if you can’t find it at first just persevere). It’s not intuitive that this causes the problem – why have such a setting at all unless it’s to push people to use the touchpad? Anway, thanks Sheryl, it’s the online community that allows us to keep using our computers depite the best efforts of the software industry to prevent us!

  130. Lisa:

    Google is your friend! Having to reinstall the bluetooth mouse every time I rebooted my ultrabook was a drag and “windows 7 repeatedly have to install bluetooth mouse drivers” (what can I say, I’m verbose but Google’s smart) brought me to this article — changing the services setting seems to have cured the problem. Thanks.

  131. vish:


    thanks a ton.. the bluetooth mouse on my new lenovo X230 laptop was constnatly getting switched off and becoming non responsive..

    your little tip helped resolve this pronto

  132. Red:

    the toggling works for me also. Too bad it’s over two years since the original solution was posted and folks are still having problems. I guess a permanent fix is too low of a priority for the vendors involved.

  133. Red:

    sorry, make that three years

  134. kaizersauze:

    Thanks a lot !
    I had exactly the same issue.

  135. nate:

    NEW FIX!
    I fixed it using NONE of these above answers.

    In Windows 7, Start, Devices and Printers, Right Click on the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000, and click REMOVE DEVICE. Once it is removed it will finally show back up when you click add a device!

    My MS Bluetooth 5000 mouse worked great until I paired it with my home computer. When i then tried to repair it back, it would not work,,, it would not show up in ADD A DEVICE. I assumed it was something with the software, so I removed anything that said MOUSE or MS Mouse 5000.
    It finally works like it did for months before I paired it with another computer and pissed it off.

  136. Sheryl Canter:

    Nate, that’s a fix for a different problem. I never had an issue with the mouse not showing up in the list of Bluetooth devices, and no one else here has reported that either. We’ve been talking about a disconnection problem.

  137. Praveen Poosa:

    Thanks Sheryl, it works like a charm!

  138. John:

    Hi, I have done exactly what you suggested and it didnt work. I am using mouse wedge bluetooth, and the intermittent is still there….I also have uninstalled bluetooth driver and the mouse drive and the other components that there is on the device mouse property, and it isnt working. this mouse wedge (microsoft) didnt request me any passcode, so, I hope it is not necessary, because the instruction would be to hold the buttom for 3 a 5 seconds. do you have other hints for me? btw, there is no update available for SO (windows 7) and sony vaio drivers (computer that I used…). I would appreciate it a lot if you could help me on this issue and give me a solution / fix for it. thanks.

  139. Bhavya:

    I had the same problem. My Dell BT mouse would disconnect often. I followed the exact steps given here and my dell xps laptop couldn’t detect any of the bluetooth devices. Then i unchecked the “Local System Account” and gave “NT AUTHORITY\LocalService” for “This account” (without the inverted commas) and left the password fields empty and it worked !! :) :)

  140. CP:

    THANK YOU! Glad to have my damn headphones on all the time now with no cutting out :-)

  141. CP:

    p.s. I only changed the power management setting.

  142. Garrett:

    I have never lost the mouse while the machine was active. I have wireless keyboard and mouse (both Apple) and am running XP on top of my MacBook Pro. What happens is that I’ll come back on Monday and the whole machine has gone into a hibernate state which requires pressing the power button to wake it up sometimes, other times just the main keyboard Enter key. When it is back up, the bluetooth devices are all gone out of the “Bluetooth Devices” window you get when you double-click on that icon in the sysicon tray.

    I am making just the change to the power management setting. We’ll see if the system is okay next Monday!

  143. Sheryl Canter:

    I just bought a Surface Pro running Windows 8. I’ve been using a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse with it, and just had the disconnection problem. Sure enough, that deadly “power saver” box was checked in Device Manager. I made no other changes. I expect this alone will fix it. If not, I’ll post again.

  144. Gdvalle:

    I have a Trust bluetooth mouse on a Lenovo notebook running Windows 7 64bit. The Bluetooth chipset is an AR3011 by Atheros; the Property entry in the Bluetooth driver does not show a Power Management tab, so I cannot apply the solution that is suggested in this dialog.
    Does anybody know which registry entry should be changed, in order to get the same effect ?
    At the moment I changed the general power settings of the PC from “balanced” to “high performance”; the result appears good, as the mouse doesn’t go into freeze any more.

  145. Sheryl Canter:

    Make sure you’re looking at the properties of the DEVICE, not the ENUMERATOR. I’ve had several computers since I wrote this article, and I’ve never seen a Windows computer that did not have this setting. I usually buy ThinkPads and you have a ThinkPad – it’s got to be there. It’s also on the Microsoft Surface Pro I’m typing on now.

  146. JJ:

    Solved the problem immediately. Thanks a lot

  147. Angie McGarey:

    Sheryl I followed all of the instructions but mouse still doesn’t work. I saw your comment from 2012 to go to Control Panel and Mouse Applet to pair the mouse but I can’t find anything that says Mouse Applet. I have the Microsoft Notebook 5000 mouse and it worked perfectly for over two years without any issues. Then all of the sudden it just stopped working. Any help in directing me to the Mouse Applet or if you are aware of any windows updates that may have caused it to stop working. The device does work on other computers its just on my Dell laptop.

  148. David:

    Hi Sheryl

    I’m dissapointed :(
    Yesterday, I bought a Vaio Bluetooth mouse. I tried everything… but the problem persists. In my case, I use the mouse for about a time (some times is about 5 minutos or 30 minutes) and suddenly, the cursor “stops” and keeps going again after 5 seconds… It’s very annoying. I search all over the web to fix this problem but nothing worked.

    After all, I installed the file SetupBtwDownloadSE.exe that I dowloaded from the Broadcom website. It “almost” do the fix, because I saw some lags from time to time, but the cursor stops for about 2 seconds (at least it’s not 5 seconds!)… And now, I’m using the power plan: High performance, to see if the “random stop” problem fixes…

    I will post again back if it fixes with this new configurations… Thanks!

  149. Smitty:

    Thank you!!!

    The power management method worked on my ThinkPad Twist.

    The devices were running in services.msc, and I was unable to uninstall and reinstall.

    You saved me.

    Thanks again,

  150. Phil:

    Brilliant – I’ve been looking for this for ages, thanks very much indeed

  151. Vinh LE:

    It worked perfectly for a year now with your solution.
    So glad i googled and found your solution as I was about to throw in the town with BT mouse but they are so handy with needing to connect separaate dongo etc.


  152. Bas:

    Sheryl, you made my day! Big hug.

  153. JBR:

    Go to Devices and Printers –> Right click bluetooth mouse in question -> Select Mouse Settings > Select ‘Bluetooth’ tab > Select connect > Press bluetooth button on device in question (make recognizable) > Pair the device > Tap bluetooth button to shut off flashing blue light. Mouse paired.

  154. Dennis:

    I was about to chuck my new mouse into the trash when I came upon this article which has definitely made me a happy camper. I have an Asus laptop running Windows 8 and when I connected the new Microsoft Sculpt Mouse which is made for Win8 machines I kept losing the connection after a min or so. In fact my whole keyboard would lock up at times. After changing the startup type from manual to automatic the mouse and keyboard now work perfectly. Didn’t even have to go into the device manager for the second step. Thanks.

  155. dan:

    i have a vaio laptop model no. sve14115faq and i have problem using my wireless bluetooth vaio mouse VGP-BMS21
    it gets connect for few minutes only, via bluetooth and then my mouse stops working. why is this happening ? i have paired again several times but all the time same thing happens. i am using fresh batteries so there isnt any problem with batteries. i am using this mouse with my other laptop and its working fine on that.
    i need help please reply me soon!

  156. Michael:

    I’m sitting here with my Mac Air and my Microsoft Comfort Keyboard 5000 (works fine) and my 5000 Mouse, which lost the Bluetooth connection and can’t be “found” by the computer. I don’t have the settings you have in Windows. Any ida what I do? Thanks!

  157. DJTL:


    I was having the problem of dropping my mouse connection every 5 minutes. Using a Sony Vaio Pro and Microsoft bluetooth mouse. I am pretty sure it was the power saving option that you mentioned above that was causing my problems. I turned that off and no problems ever since!

    Thanks again for sharing!

  158. Richard:

    Same problem on Thinkpad X1 Carbon with Windows 8 – SOLVED by the second fix (turn off power save) – Thanks Cheryl. Not necessary to change the service to automatic to solve this.

  159. Vishal:

    Hi, Sherly

    Thanks a lot for this tip.
    I was also thinking that my Bluetooth device is going to sleep when i don’t use it for sometime. and that is it seems to get disconnected.
    I as searching for the same feature in Bluetooth device wizard which was making my device sleep, but could not found anything. After finding your suggestion I came to know, where that setting as.

    But yeah after that also some latency is there when i use my Bluetooth mouse after some time. but no problem with that. I have corrected for the second solution only (which is related to Bluetooth driver setting).

    Thanks a lot again…… :)

  160. Mani:


    Thank you ever so much. This fixed my problem which was identical to yours, intermittent ‘death’ of the bluetooth mouse for no apparent reason. Followed your advice and changed the two settings as you recommended and it works fine, at least for the past 2 days, which gives me hope that it will continue to work :) . What irks me most is that if this issue were not known, unfair blame would have been put onto the manufacturer of the mouse or the laptop as being in some way ‘defective’, and I am beginning to wonder how many things I’ve thrown away or decided not to use because of something silly like this.

    Thanks again anyway,

  161. Eric:

    The post is old, but it is still relevant to fixing our bluetooth headaches. Thank you!

  162. Zia Rahman:

    Just here to say, thank you

  163. Devon:

    This issue has been driving me crazy, and your tips did the trick. Thank you!

  164. David Docker:

    Hi Sheryl,
    Very many thanks for the tip. You have saved what little hair I have left been pulled out by the roots in frustration.

  165. Leo P:

    I did everything per above comments and still windows 7 would not recognize the bluetooth mouse then I ran across this thread and it was the final piece that made everything work!!

    Go to START icon and type in services.msc and select services.

    The dialog box that opens has a long list of stuff but look for BLUETOOTH SUPPORT SERVICE. Double click to open. Make sure it is AUTOMATIC. Go to the LOG tab. Choose THIS ACCOUNT and type in LOCAL SERVICE. A list of password (a 15-dot string) would appear. Delete all the password in the PASSWORD and under CONFIRM. Choose Okay.

    It will ask you to restart the service. Once restarted, turn on your bluetooth adaptor again. Put your mouse in pairing mode and add the mouse. It works perfectly!!!

  166. Jomar:

    The best explanation! Thank you from Puerto Rirco!! I solved my issue in seconds.

  167. Carla:

    Thanks so much. I have this problem with my Sony Vaio & Vaio mouse. Fixed!

  168. AP:

    I have Samsung laptop and Logitech v470 mouse. Mouse worked perfectly until this problem popped out. With these instructions my laptop doesn’t even find mouse anymore.

  169. Steve:

    I’ve put up with this problem for years and it’s driven me more than a little mad! Thanks for restoring my sanity.

  170. John:


    I have a toshiba bluetooth keyboard that seems to go asleep after 1 minute or less. It requires pressing a key to wake up (nothing displayed), then another key to start actual typing. I have changed the bluetooth power settings in device manager and changed the service from manual to automatic and restarted Windows. I’ve also done a complete Windows 8 reinstallation, aquired a second keyboard (same one), changed batteries, and tried just about anything else I can think of. Any ideas?

  171. Andre:

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting this tip. It appears to have fixed my bluetooth mouse disconnect problem. I wish I had found this tip 6 months ago!

  172. Bret:

    Oh Leo et al, thanks so much. After hours trying to work out what was wrong. With a windows system and a microsoft mouse why could they not provide this guidance from the start? We should charge them for our time and for providing a solution to their problem. However this demonstrates the positive power of the online community.

  173. Ersen:

    Thank you Sheryl. It really worked. And i called to Dell Customer Care 100 of times before this. You should think to work for Dell. :)

  174. Brian Higginson:

    I tried this with my Thinkpad Tablet and mouse and now the laptop will not even recognize the mouse at all. Also, I had my Nexus 5 smartphone connected and the laptop will no longer recognize any bluetooth devices. Very frustrating.

  175. Sheryl Canter:

    It sounds like you set something incorrectly. I have a Thinkpad T420, and it works fine. The fact that your Thinkpad no longer recognizes any bluetooth devices is a clue. Apparently you disabled bluetooth somehow.

  176. Adam:

    I’m having this same difficulty with a new ASUS Transformer convertible tablet running full Windows 8.1, and a HP x4000b Bluetooth mouse. After the tablet wakes up from sleep, the mouse still shows as paired, but the computer is not responding to it. I check Bluetooth devices, and the mouse is still shown as paired. I have to manually remove the device then re-pair for it to be recognized. This has been getting really old.

    Anyway, I tried the steps above, to no avail. Anyone have any other ideas or experience with Win 8.1?

  177. Kenneth:

    Thank you for the info. Have looked many times for a solution; this looks like it. Had the exact situation you described. Have made changes; will now restart computer and see if problems are resolved.

  178. Thai:

    Thank you, so far so good.

  179. Gleb F:

    Thank you very much for the tip. I have BT keyboard and mouse, both from Microsoft. The KB installed and worked well but soon after installing the mouse, all BT devices stopped responding and I had to use System Restore. After following the instructions on this page all is working fine.

  180. BoguszM:

    My thanks also. This was driving me bonkers.

  181. Kenny B.:

    You saved me from the verge of the asylum. I and my estate thank you for the fix. This was happening at completely random intervals, and the only way I had found to fix it was turning the BT receiver off and on again. It was maddening. Now, perfect smoothety typing/mousing goodness!

  182. Sheryl Canter:

    I hear you – I was going to completely nuts with it, too. That’s why I spent an obsessive week or so researching the problem. Glad I could help!

  183. GIS:

    Thanks! Works great! I used the solution to stop a Bluetooth speaker cutting out.

  184. armin:

    Thank you!

    Solved my problem: Microsoft Wedge Mouse on Win8.1

  185. Ákos:

    I have a Dell Blootooth Travel Mouse. Expensive stuff, at least not a cheapo thing. I used to have the same problem as your original problem. The mouse would disconnect. I would remove the mouse from devices (start menu, devices and printers – or something like that, I have Hungarian version of windows 7), add it again, and would work again for some time. I did all the steps that you suggested in the blogpost. The mouse was added as a device, when I started. Maybe that was a mistake, I don’t know. Now (after restart) the mouse still doesn’t work (brand new, brand 1.5V alkaline battery), but i can’t remove it from devices any more. I don’t have such an option any more (the printers I can still remove). It’s just permanently there, I can only change properties. So I set back everything to the way it was earlier, restarted the computer again, but still no use, mouse still can’t be removed, is added, and does not work. Has anybody got any ideas what I should do? Thank you!

  186. Ron A.:

    Happy to come across this post to solve this ongoing headache with Dell Latitudes. The funny thing is I had a looong conversation with a Dell tech about this issue and we tried several different updates, but your solution never came up. Many thanks.

  187. ThankYOUiNtHEHistoryOfHistory:

    I love your solution, I almost scrapped Win 8.1 until Google drove me to your gorgeous advice.

  188. Keith Shum:

    Thanks for the tip, Sheryl, I followed your instructions, now my Logitech K810 keyboard is not timing out anymore! =)

  189. Lee:

    After reading all of the above comments, I’m so happy this solution worked for so many people but so frustrated because I’m getting nowhere.

    I have no Bluetooth Power Management setting anywhere. I would so love to see those magic words “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” so I can uncheck that #@*^ing box.
    I also have no Bluetooth radio. My Bluetooth options are Bluetooth RFBNEP, RFBUS, RFCOMM, RFHID, USB Comntroller-10 from Toshiba, and I have no idea what any of those are. None has a power option, and I can’t find it anywhere else.

    I’m running Windows 7 on a Toshiba Satellite. My computer tells me all drivers are up to date. I
    I can connect my Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 and it worked fine until a Windows update a while ago. It connects and the moment I type in the ID key the lights go off. They occasionally come back on, but I can’t type a thing. Nada.

    If anyone can help I’d be eternally grateful.

    Thanks, guys, in grateful antici…pation.

  190. Jon Cutler:

    Changing Power Mgmt Setting worked for me under Windows 8.1, Dell Latitude E7440 and Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000. Thanks for the posting.

  191. Mateusz:


  192. Karen:

    Trying to get up to speed with Windows 8 on my new Lenovo Ultrabook was enough of a challenge, then the wireless Dell travel mouse would spontaneously stop, then I’d delete it and pair it again, sometimes it would work and others it would not. Like others I was getting more and more frustrated. So big thanks for helping eliminate the stress of a mouse behaving badly:-)

  193. Andy:

    It would be great if the author could update the original post. I followed these instructions as my mouse would just randomly drop out but in doing so I lost the ability to pair with any bluetooth device. Eventually I saw the post from Sonny on April 5th 2011 which resolved the issue. Cheers Sonny!

  194. Chris:

    So far, so good! Thank you for this. Like you, awhile back I researched this issue to no avail and just gave up on it until this morning when it really frustrated me again. My search terms were “dell latitude bluetooth drops connection” and this blog was the 1st result. Great job!

  195. Benjamin Mark:

    Like everyone here, I too had the same issue. Tried all means here. Works good for sometime, and then fails back. Besides, does anyone knows how to power off the Wedge Mouse? Sometime it works, and sometimes when I keep pressing the power button under the mouse, it doesn’t off, and I have to remove the battery to power off the mouse. A good 2500 mah battery hardly comes for couple of weeks and it drains. Is it a product fault, which needs replacement or is there any way to fix the power off wedge mouse.

    I use Lenovo X1 Carbon 2013 model.

  196. Jimmy:

    Here’s an adjustment that seems to be working on my HP Splity hybrid 2014 windows 8.1:
    Run services.msc
    Bluetooth device monitor ( general tab ) = set to “automatic”
    AND on the recovery tab = set to “restart the service” on first failure, second failure, subsequent failures
    reset failure count after “0″ days

  197. k. Benson:

    It Worked!!!! I purchased a Bluetooth mouse from china and it worked for a few minutes at a time before it no longer responded. I tried reinstalling it a number of times before searching the web for a solution. Using your solution, I tried Disabling the power save option in device manager first and it had no effect. I then went to services and changed startup option to auto with no effect. I then turned-off then turned-on the service you mentioned and now its been running for 1-hour without failing…a new record. Thanks for your help.

  198. J. Buckley:

    Thank you so much. I’ve been after this issue for about 2 years and at last I found this article. Cured.

  199. Glenn:

    None of the above worked. I have two Dell Latitudes, E6320, and on one of them the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook 5000 mouse just suddenly stopped working. On removing then re-installing, it detected and loaded but would not connect with the green/red light just flashing… the other Laptop would be fine using the mouse (once re-installed). I then realised I had been updating with Dell updates when the blue tooth mouse stopped functioning (it didn’t happen straight away). I then noticed that the bios of the laptop not connecting was A06 where as the laptop that worked with the mouse was A07……. I updated incrementally the bios from A06–>A07–>A08 by using down loads from the Dell site and then when I was on A08 on both laptops the automatic Dell update for the bios kicked in and went to A19…….. on rebooting and trying to connect the mouse, it finally behaved and connected.
    I think this is all to do with the Dell system updates knocking the blue tooth out of shape just slightly, only to be corrected at a later date…..

  200. Greg Little:

    I have been having the same issue with my brand new HP Desktop, just reset the two settings, so we’ll see! Thanks!

  201. Gulsen:

    Thank you sooo much.
    I have tried many things until this bluetooth service changing issue.
    It worked for me as well

  202. Barry:

    you’re so smart ;-) I was at a complete loss, the power management was the fix. Thanks for taking the time to post.

  203. Doug:

    For those having trouble finding the Power Management Tab, right click each Bluetooth device individually looking at their properties – only one will have a Power Management Tab, that is the Bluetooth Controller for your system.

    I am running Windows 8.1 on a Sony VAIO and had the same problem.

    Thanks Sheryl

  204. Amanda:

    THANK YOU! this worked… i thought i might throw my computer out the window!

  205. Willima:

    Amazing! I’m running windows 7 and changing the Bluetooth Power Management Settings worked for me.

    Thank you very much. This has saved me a lot of frustration.

  206. Destructionator:

    This was wonderful! Totally solved the problem.

  207. Juha:

    Thank you this solved my mouse problems with Logitech BT Mouse and Windows 8.1!

  208. Robert:

    Thankyou Sheryl

  209. Emil:

    Thank you so much for this guide!! I have had problems with my Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard and this fixed the problem!

  210. Marlon:

    Excellent article. I always come back after a Windows installation.

  211. jimmy to tall:

    Worked Like an Absolute charm, even with my Apple Magic mouse on my win 7 machine..thanks a million..!

  212. michen:

    Had this problem with my Dell Inspiron 7 3737 Laptop and it drove me nuts.

    What I did was uninstall the *Dell* Bluetooth Adapter in device manager (select “delete all installed drivers” in the upcoming dialog), then scan for hardware changes and let the *Generic* Bluetooth Adapter do its work instead. It installed automatically, without any further driver installation.

    After that, go to properties of the Generic Adapter and in tab Power Management uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.

    That’s pretty much it.

  213. Yuri:

    Thanks for this blog. amazing! but in 4 years no solution for my problem.
    I have Thinkpad T410i (Windows7 x64) and BT mouse Logitech M555b.
    With my previous notebook (Thinkpad R61) in was enough to update Logitech software (SetPoint). But with T410i I have updated all possible drivers and software, but the mouse time to time loosing BT connection. And help this blog it was a great idea to look in a system services. Among other I find “Logitech Bluetooth Service”. This service was Manual and off. After activating coming BT devices connecting dialog. My mouse was second time connected through Logitech Software and since this the mouse work smoothly.
    Good luck to everyone!

  214. Roger J. Buffington:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This absolutely solved my problem with my HP ZBook17. It simply turned off Bluetooth in a maddening fashion that made Bluetooth with it useless. This solution did the trick for me. THANKS!!

  215. Raymond Luebbers:

    It was the power management setting that solved the problem for me. I unchecked that box and my bluetooth mouse has worked just fine ever since. I’m in Windows 8.1. Strange that this bug hasn’t been fixed by Microsoft yet. I have a Toshiba laptop bought May of 2014. I first tried using a cordless USB mouse and this same thing happened to it. Then I bought a Toshiba bluetooth mouse thinking it had to work. Same problem as the USB mouse. After I unchecked the power setting box for the bluetooth I looked into the USB input device settings and the same box for allowing the computer to turn off USB input was was there too! As soon as I got my laptop I set the overall power settings so that the computer was always on, but who would have thought that the bluetooth and USB settings were separate. Oh yes, in a previous attempt to fix this problem I had a Toshiba Level Two tech support person who took over my computer remotely and tried to install new drivers etc etc. When he failed to fix the problem and asked me if I had any important files on my computer I knew that he wasn’t going to make things better……

  216. Sergey:

    This worked for my Asus Board on custom built Desktop. Thank you for taking time to research and fix the problem, my Sculpt mouse is not freezing anymore.

  217. angry hand rob:

    usb interface power management uncheck this box , turns usb things to sleep , i have dell inspriron 11 3000 series with a microsoft blue tooth mouse with a micro dongle plugged in to the usb port .

    bloody hell seems to of fixed it , my angry hand can take a rest

  218. Dirk:

    try on network adapters and find your bluetooth device(built in) that’s where i found power management on my lenovo ideapad flex but still has same issue, it loses connection after long/short term idle. the only way to reconnect again is to touch the screen(too hassle -_-). idk if it’s interferring with the touch screen function. any idea to solve my problem?

  219. Stefano:

    Yeap your the one, well done.

  220. Peter:

    Followed your steps and at this stage things are going good ,thank you for the information

  221. Bob:

    Hi Sheryl,
    thanks a lot for sharing how to fix this painful issue. I’m using Logitech V470 Bluetooth mouse for years (on differen laptops with Windows 7 64bit)and always been strugling with unexpected disconection without any pattern. Thank you so much!

  222. Lindsay:

    I see that this is an older thread, but that folks like myself are still benefiting from it. I’ve been chasing this problem for the better part of a year, and your Power Management tip did the trick. Thanks!

  223. Ben:

    Dear Sheryl,

    I wanted to thank you for writing this blog for badly behaved Bluetooth Mice. I have a Toshiba mouse that was disconnecting randomly (and daring me to smash it to pieces) but having followed your instructions it now works diligently.

    All the Best and Warmest Regards, Ben.

  224. Petr:

    Hallelujah! Thank you! Your post saved my HP Bluetooth Mouse X4000b from dishonest death. It was already misbehaving on Windows XP but it reached new heights on Windows 7. Unchecking “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” box put final stop to random disconnects. Nothing wrong with the hardware. Works like a charm now!

  225. Ross:

    Thank you. This was driving me crazy on my Win7-64bit system.
    More than once in the middle of a presentation it dropped and there was no mouse.
    I searched high and low for a solution, but none worked. I ended up plugging in a wired mouse during presentions “just in case”. Now my HP Bluetooth Mouse X4000b will live on.

    FYI – I didn’t need to change the Bluetooth Support Service login account, it remains as the Local Service Account, but I did set it to automatic.

  226. حمید:

    thanks a lot. I’m on window 7-64bit and I have a microsoft sculpt comfort mouse. my setting on second part of the solution (Bluetooth Power Management Setting) was same as you said. your first part of solution about Bluetooth Support Service Setting worked for me and gets me rid of the very often disconnecting.

  227. Ika:

    hi,, how ’bout my service status can’t be started ?

  228. Jim:

    this is the type of information that is really good on the internet. The problem is that all Windows 7 mouse drivers are not the same. Mine doesn’t have the Power tab. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of including not letting my system go to sleep or hibernate while plugged in but still have the problem. And it is with all Bluetooth devices. I have Bluetooth earphones also and they disconnect also. Without rhyme or reason. Still no solution.

    Thanks to all for the information though.

  229. Techgeek:


    Thanks a lot.. 4 years later and your article saved another man’s day/month/year..
    All the other techgeek-sites couldn’t help me..


  230. Jim H:

    As soon as I checked “Local System Account” it started working again without a restart. Thanks for the great info. I was going insane trying to find a solution.

  231. Dave:

    Like others, I have no power management tab in my Broadcom Bluetooth USB dongle. The USB does, though (Gigabyte motherboard.) Under Device Manager, Universal Serial Bus Controllers, USB Root Hub (6 of them), I unchecked the power option for the computer to turn off the device. That did the trick for my Bluetooth speaker (finally, yay!)

  232. Leendert P. Bakker:

    Hi Sheryl,

    Thanks a lot for this – power management – information, that worked for me. I had the disconnecting problem with the Logitech K810 wireless bluetooth keyboard in combination with Windows 8.1. (it worked perfect on 7). Can’t believe that Logitech don’t know about this solution…

  233. Biggie DeLorean:

    Hello Sheryl,
    Had the same issue with an HP BT wireless mouse. The mouse still “sleeps” while inactive, but at least it wakes up upon movement now without having to reset the entire connection.

    Thanks so much!!!


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