Web Design & Programming

I can create simple, low-cost Web sites to give you a presence on the Web and allow people to contact you, or sophisticated database-driven sites for businesses with many products. Other services include helping you select the e-commerce providers that best suit your business, and getting your site indexed and ranked highly in search engines so your audience can find you:

  • Custom e-stores, with shopping carts and electronic payment.
  • Controls for sorting, searching, and filtering catalog data.
  • Administration tools that let site owners update content on their own.
  • Tools to maintain mailing lists, and create and send out newsletters.
  • Contact forms to avoid the harvesting of email addresses by SpamBots.
  • Capture of data from Web forms.
  • Search engine submission and optimization.
  • Languages and technologies: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, CGI scripts written in C
Normal Eating
NormalEating.com hosts a members-only forum with fully automated payment using PayPal's Instant Payment Notification feature. The forum is an extensively customized version of Simple Machines Forum (SMF), written in PHP. The site also sells my book, Normal Eating for Normal Weight (available through Amazon.com and other outlets, as well).
Permutations Software
e-Commerce site selling shareware. Database driven and dynamic; adding a program to the database generates new pages automatically. Custom shopping cart. Sorting and searching support. On site YaBB-SE Web forum. Built with PHP and MySQL.
VT State Rep Steve Darrow
Web site for Vermont State Represenative Steve Darrow. Contains background information, links to articles by and about Steve, community links, and a contact page with a custom form mail program written in PHP.
GoodFood Natural Foods

This is a demo site for a natural foods store. The shopping cart is an expandable form that was custom written using PHP and JavaScript. The site interfaces with a PIM called Maximizer. When you click the "Place order" button, it sends an email notification of the "order" with the attachments that Maximizer knows how to read. Maximizer's Web development tool, ecBuilder, also works by generating these emails, but its design doesn't allow for an expandable order form.

The site's email notifications are hardcoded to go to me, but you can redirect them to yourself with this URL:

Replace you@domain.com with your email address.

Instant Horoscopes
Astrology software site. Web-based version of the astrology program (shown here) is in beta testing. Web program written in C and compiled as a CGI for Linux. Windows version of the software is also in beta testing.

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