Published Articles

I'm a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) with many years experience as an editor and writer. Here's a selection of articles I've written for publication:

Environmental Articles (EDF Climate 411 Blog)
I was editor of Environmental Defense Fund's Climate 411 blog from its inception until December 2008. Most of the posts that weren't written by me were edited by me (with some exceptions during vacations). Here's a selection of articles that I wrote:
Sep 4, 2008: Help Is On the Way for Bicyclists
Aug 7, 2008: Blog Buzz: Electricity from Human Movement
Aug 4, 2008: Blog Buzz: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Jul 24, 2008: 12 State Reports: Cost of Inaction
April 4, 2008: The Insurance Industry Crisis
Nov 13, 2007: Personal Impact: Does It Really Matter What You Do?
Nov 2, 2007: Insurance Coverage Crumbles in Coastal States
Oct 11, 2007: Food Miles: Is Local Always Better?
Sep 11, 2007: Cool New Energy Technologies
Sep 5, 2007: Fossil Fuels and Biofuels
Aug 28, 2007: CO2 and Food Quality
Aug 14, 2007: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
Jul 30, 2007: Plug-in Cars: The Lowdown
Jun 20, 2007: A Car that Runs on Air
May 23, 2007: Global Warming in the Garden
Technology Articles (PC Magazine)
I was editor of PC Magazine's Utilities column from March 1993 to December 2002. To see examples of my editing, visit the PC Magazine Utilities site, and scroll down until you see "TradeKeys". I edited all the articles from "TradeKeys" down. Here's a selection of articles that I wrote:
Nov 2, 2004: No-Cost Ad Blocking
Oct 5, 2004: You Need a (Properly Configured) Firewall
Apr 20, 2004: Understanding Client-Side Scripting
Feb 17, 2004: Creating an Online Store (Click here for an expanded version of this article)
Feb 03, 2004: Windows XP Error Reports
Oct 01, 2003: Getting the News Out (RSS)
Oct 01, 2003: All Is Not Lost (deleting and undeleting data)
Sep 16, 2003: Hiding Your Identity (Anonymous Remailers)
Aug 19, 2003: Effective Immunity (protecting against viruses)
Jun 30, 2003: Protecting Web Images
Apr 08, 2003: Heading Off Spam
Feb 25, 2003: Know Your Enemy: How Spammers Operate
Jan 02, 2001: Electronic Signatures
Aug 01, 2000: Using Syndicated Content
Technology Articles (O'Reilly: WindowsDevCenter)
Mar 30, 2004: Kill Internet Ads with Hosts and Pac Files (Click here to download Sheryl's ad-blocking PAC file)
Mar 16, 2004: Windows Error Reporting Under the Covers (Extra for Developers: Crash Reports on Win9x/2000)
Product Reviews (PC Magazine)
Dec 9, 2004: Mirror Backups to Optical Media
Aug 19, 2003: Making Eye-Popping Charts with PopChart
Aug 19, 2003: Mining and Mapping Raw Data (Monarch)
Jun 17, 2003: Migration Utilities: Intro
  Alohoabob PC Relocator
  Desktop DNA Professional 4.5
  Move Me 2.3
  Intellimover 3.0
  Personality Tranxport Professional 3.2
Feb 25, 2003: Clean Up Your Internet Tracks: Internet Cleanup 3.0
Feb 26, 2002: Goal-Focused Project Management: ManagePro 5.0
Jun 26, 2001: Project Management for the Rest of Us: ManagePro 4.5
Aug 01, 2001: Databases Made Easy: FileMaker Pro 5.5
Mar 06, 2001: Shareable Databases In a Snap: QuickBase
Apr 17, 2001: Sign Here, Electronically: ApproveIt Desktop 4.62
Sep 25, 2001: PageMaker 7 Hugs the Middle
Jun 26, 2001: Utilities: The Best of the Rest (Internet Improvers)
Feb 20, 2001: Manage Projects in Real Time: TeamCenter 4.0
Jan 16, 2001: System Migration Utilities Mature Beyond Cloning: Intro
Desktop DNA 2.5
  PC Transplant Pro 2.0
  Personality Tranxport Professional 2.0
Sep 19, 2000: 2000 Shareware Awards

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