The Best WordPress Theme Ever: Atahualpa

I don’t like to build my Web sites completely around blog software, and yet I want them to have a consistent look and feel. I want the blog to look like the rest of the site. The blog on this site isn’t integrated – it looks completely different from the site’s home page and other pages. But the blog I just installed on another one of my sites looks exactly like the rest of the site – the theme is consistent throughout.

If you go to and click on the Blog button, you will see that the look-and-feel of the blog and the rest of the site are identical. This site contains much more than a blog. There’s a forum with a chat, a newsletter, various content pages (sample chapters from my book), a testimonials page, etc.

How did I get the blog to look like the rest of the site? The Atahualpa theme. (I can never remember that name. What does it mean?) This theme gives you a menu-driven interface to just about every WordPress theme option so you can make your site look exactly like you want. I had no trouble at all duplicating the layout of the rest of my site, and it was a lot easier to do in Atahualpa than it would have been manually. It takes a little time to set up because there are so many options, but none of it is hard. All you need to know is a little basic CSS.

Now that I’ve found Atahualpa, I’ll never use any other theme. I was so enchanted with it I sent the author a donation.

4 thoughts on “The Best WordPress Theme Ever: Atahualpa

  1. Thank you for your article about Atahualpa theme. I’m just starting to use it in my upcoming website, but your site showed me what possibilities this theme has.

  2. I have tried many, many themes in my search for the look, use, and feel for the site that I have. The content is varied, and covers many different topics and subjects. As I said, Many templates. Mucho. No joy until Atahualpa (yes, I too am going to have to find out where that name came from 🙂 ). I came across it in the theme directory and had a ‘ho-hum, more trial-and-error’ attitude. I was floored.

    I installed it expecting the same old limited or non existent options that I had experienced with all the other themes I had tried. Wow! The option screen on the Admin end was so extensive it was practically overwhelming at first view. I knew that this kind of customization was available with professionally designed – and expensive – themes, but this one is free! Being a Linux man, I am accustomed to the sharing that the open source community provides each other, but this really came as a pleasant surprise. It is truly amazing the options and versatility with which those options can be used. The options can be combined to produce just about any truly unique site. I can’t say enough good things about it, and like you, I am going to be donating to the amazing author(s) of this extraordinary theme.

    I have to get back to my site. I haven’t changed the rotating images yet. And a *lot* of stuff is yet to be explored. Did I mention I’ve been using it for almost a year?

    Happy WordPressing,


  3. Atahualpa was the last Inca Emperor. The only theme I have ever used has been Atahualpa, I think it is really good.

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