FIX: Android Battery Draining & Overheating

Media Server
Media Server seems to get confused with too many files

In case anyone else with an Android phone is having problems with overheating and battery drain, I found the solution. It’s a bug in Media Server that afflicts some ROMs. When too many files build up on your phone, it goes bonkers. Here’s the fix:

1. Remove all unneeded files from your phone (photos, music, videos, and any other files you have in volume – e.g. I had several hundred crossword files). I moved what I wanted to save but didn’t need on my phone to my computer, and deleted the rest.

2. Go to Settings->Apps->All, scroll down to find “Media Storage”, click Force Stop, and then Clear Data. In the screenshot, Media Server has only 7.31MB of data. Before I cleared it and rebooted, it was over 52MB. How big is yours?

3. Restart your phone.

This will force Media Server to start again clean and reindex everything, restoring your phone to its original cool-running, long-battery-life state.

4 thoughts on “FIX: Android Battery Draining & Overheating

  1. Hi Sheryl
    Media server was draining my phones battery but I took a slightly different approach to you . I fully charged the battery then removed my Micro SDHC card . Over night the charge had only dropped 2% . Hence problem was with card . I copied all on card to P/C and re formatted card then replaced into Phone . Battery usage over 5 hours was very low and Media Server had not run . I then reloaded from the P/C what I required on the phone after sorting out and things have been hunky dory . I suspect that there had been a corrupt file which the re format sorted out for me.

  2. Came here from your cast iron seasoning post, very nice.

    Accu-battery is an app with nice stats that will remind you to keep the charge between 20% and 80% improving longevity.

    Something that’s popped up in the last few months is turning off usage access for the new screentime feature.

  3. Hi Sheryl, came here to read your pan seasoning article and got sucked into this. First, are you talking about the ALtAureum Ltd Media Server app? Could you explain why having a drive full of files causes a high drain on the battery? If there was constant reading and writing, maybe. But just sitting there? Also, the description says it only sees files in the gallery (except .avi files). Why would removing files from other areas of the file system matter? If the answer to all this is “the bug” has it been fixed in current release? Now, on to seasoning 🙂

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